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Academic Standing Guidelines


Minimum GPA for "Good Academic Standing" for Student Classification

Minimum GPAClassificationCompleted Credits

Academic Standing Chart

Previous StandingEnd of Current Term
Sem. GPA < 2.00
Cum. GPA ≥ 2.00
Sem. GPA < 2.00
Cum. GPA < 2.00
Sem. GPA > 2.00
Cum. GPA < 2.00
First term student with no previous standing--²Probation--
Admitted on Probation (ADPR)--³Suspension--
Good (GOOD)¹Warning²Probation²Probation
Warning (WARN)¹Warning²Probation²Probation
Probation (ACPR)¹Warning³Suspension²Continued Probation
Continued Probation (CNPR)¹Warning³Suspension²Continued Probation
Suspension Appeal (SPCT)4¹Warning³Suspension²Continued Probation
Reinstate on probation following Suspension (ACSP)¹Warning³Suspension²Continued Probation
  1. Warning: Does not appear on the academic record

  2. Probation/Continued Probation: Continuance of probation may be issued for as many semesters as the Semester GPA is above with the Cumulative GPA below 2.00. Probation/Continued Probation does not appear on the academic record.

  3. Suspension: Intervention by the institution for failure to demonstrate academic improvement. Suspension is issued for the immediate two grading periods following the suspended term. Suspension does appear on the academic record.

  4. Suspension Appeal: If suspended, a student may appeal with extenuating documented circumstances. Suspension appeals are noted on the official academic record after the specific term as a continuance approved by Academic Standards with the date of approval. Students must meet or exceed both the term and cum GPA to continue; if not, the student is re-suspended.

NOTE: An automatic hold is placed on the records of all students who are placed on probation, continued probation, or suspension. (An Adviser Hold for probation and continued probation and a Registrar’s Hold for suspensions.) If a suspension appeal is approved, the student is required to complete the appealed term with a Semester GPA and Cumulative GPA at or above 2.00.

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