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Students may demonstrate evidence of college-level achievement through the use of nationally standardized tests. Competency to write these examinations may have been gained through intensive preparation in high school, extensive reading in a particular field, or other types of formal or informal preparation. A student may not repeat by proficiency testing a course that has been previously taken or failed at NDSU or another accredited institution. High school transcripts and student-issued grade reports are not considered official for purposes of awarding credit by examination. Credit by examination is not considered NDSU residential credit.

Score reports must be sent directly from the awarding agency/board to the following address at NDSU:

North Dakota State University
Office of Registration and Records
Dept 5210, P.O. Box 6050
Fargo, ND 58108-6050

Language Placement

Students must adhere to the placement requirements when enrolling in a language course for the first time at NDSU. Enrollment in a course below the student's background level will result in no credit for that course.

If, after appropriate placement, the student's instructor recommends that because of exceptional circumstances the student should be placed at a lower level, full credit at the new level may be granted upon approval by the chair of the department and the student's dean.

  1. Students with no previous study or limited experience (less than two years or units in high school) in the language should take 100 level language courses.

  2. Students with two or three years or units of a language in high school or one year of college credit should take 200 level language courses.

  3. Students with four or more years or units in high school or those who fulfill the Bachelor of Arts language requirement may take 300 level language courses.

  4. All other cases will be determined by the department.

A student placed at an advance level may receive NDSU credit for those courses waived, upon fulfillment of the following conditions:

  1. The student has completed no previous college-level credit in that language;

  2. The student enrolls consecutively in at least two courses within the same level, i.e., 201-202, (intermediate); 311-312 (advanced); and receives a grade of 'B' or better (courses may not be taken pass/fail).

  3. The student submits a petition form obtained from the Department of Modern Languages, signed by the instructor and the department chair.

HAVE QUESTIONS about Credit by Examination?... Please contact:

110 Ceres Hall
Office of Registration and Records
NDSU Dept. 2831 / P.O. Box 6050 / Fargo, ND 58108-6050
701-231-7981 (local) / 800-608-6378 (toll free) / 701-231-8959 (fax)

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