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Advanced Placement Examination (AP)

Students from high schools that participate in the Advanced Placement Program may earn credit through examinations provided by the College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB). The examinations are administered at the conclusion of a college-level course taught in participating high schools. AP Score Reports are sent to the colleges or universities designated on your exam answer sheet. Students who do not designate NDSU on their answer sheet may contact AP Services (see below) to have scores sent to NDSU. The code for NDSU is 6474.

In accordance with North Dakota University System policy, a minimum score of three is required to receive credit for the following Advanced Placement (AP) examinations. If NDSU does not have an equivalent course, free elective credit may be awarded. Credit earned through AP is not residence credit and may not be used to satisfy residence-credit requirements for graduation.

ExaminationScoreEquivalent NDSU CourseCredit HoursGen Ed Category
Art-History3ART 210 & 2116A, A
Biology3BIOL 111/111L4S/L
Biology4-5BIOL 150/150L & 151/151L8S/L, S/L
Calculus AB3MATH 1654R
Calculus BC3MATH 165 & 1668R, R
Chemistry3CHEM 1XX (Free Elective)4S/L
Chemistry4-5CHEM 121/121L & 122/122L8S/L, S/L
Chinese Language & Culture3TRNSFR 1XX (Free Elective)3
Comparative Government and Politics3POLS 2253
Computer Science A3CSCI 1604S
Computer Science AB3CSCI 160 & 1618S, S
English Language and Composition3ENGL 110 (or 112)3C
English Literature and Composition3ENGL 2203A
English Literature and Composition4-5ENGL 110 & 2206C, A
Environmental Science3BIOL 124/124L4S/G/L
European History3HIST 101 & 1026A, A
French Language3FREN 101 & 1028A/G, A/G
German Language3GERM 101 & 1028A/G, A/G
Human Geography3GEOG 1513B/G
Italian Language & Culture3TRNSFR 1XX (Free Elective)3
Japanese Language & Culture3TRNSFR 1XX (Free Elective)3
Latin3TRNSFR 1XX (Free Elective)3
Latin Literature3CLAS 101 & 1028A, A
Macroeconomics3ECON 2023B/G
Microeconomics3ECON 2013B/G
Music Theory3MUSC 1XX (Free Elective)6A
Physics B3PHYS 1XX (Free Elective)8S/L
Physics C-Electricity and Magnetism3PHYS 252/252L4S/L
Physics C-Mechanics3PHYS 251/251L4S/L
Psychology3PSYC 1113B
Spanish Language3SPAN 101 & 1028A/G, A/G
Spanish Literature and Culture3TRNSFR 1XX (Free Elective)3
Statistics3STAT 1XX (Free Elective)3R
Studio Art-2D Design Portfolio3ART 1223A
Studio Art-3D Design Portfolio3ART 1243A
Studio Art-Drawing Portfolio3ART 130 & 2306A, A
U.S. Government and Politics3POLS 1153B
U.S. History3HIST 103 & 1046A, A
World History3HIST 1XX (Free Elective)6A
General Education Categories:
A - Humanities and Fine Arts
B - Social and Behavioral Science
C - Communication
D - Cultural Diversity
F - First Year Experience
G - Global Perspectives
L - Laboratory Experience
R - Quantitative Reasoning
S - Science and Technology
W - Wellness

See General Education Requirements for more information on core NDSU courses.

For general information or to order AP score reports contact:

AP Services
P.O. Box 6671
Princeton, NJ 08541-6671
Phone: (609) 771-7300 or (888) 225-5427 (toll-free in the U.S. and Canada)
Automated score report request line: (888) 308-0013 (toll-free in the U.S. and Canada)
Web site:

*Please contact the NDSU Office of Registration and Records at 701-231-7981 for more information on credit awarded for these tests.

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