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International Baccalaureate (IB)

NDSU recognizes the International Baccalaureate program, offered at many high schools in the United States and abroad, which allows students to take examinations for credit. The examinations are offered at the standard (SL) and higher (HL) levels. However, according to state policy, NDSU will only grant credit for applicable HL examinations.

In accordance with North Dakota University System policy, students must receive a predetermined minimum score on higher-level (HL) examinations to qualify for possible awarding of credit and advanced placement, which is determined by the appropriate academic department on campus. Credit earned through IB may not be used to satisfy residence-credit requirements for graduation. Scores received in IB examinations not included in the table below may be considered for credits. Contact the Office of Registration and Records for information.

ExaminationScoreEquivalent NDSU CourseCredit HoursGen Ed Category
HL Biology4BIOL 150/150L & 151/151L8S/L, S/L
HL Chemistry4CHEM 121/121L & 122/122L8S/L, S/L
HL English4ENGL 2203A
HL French B5FREN 101 & 102 & 20111A/G, A/G, A/D
HL Geography4GEOG 1613G
HL German B5GERM 101 & 102 & 20111A/G, A/G, A/D
HL History (Africa)4Free Elective3
HL History (Americas)4HIST 103 & 1046A
HL History (Asia) 4Free Elective3
HL History (Europe)4HIST 1023A
HL History (Islamic)4Free Elective3
HL History (Middle East)4Free Elective3
HL Literature and Performance4COMM 3123
HL Mathematics4MATH 103 & 1056
HL Physics5Free Elective 4
HL Psychology4PSYC 1113B
HL Spanish B5SPAN 101 & 102 & 20111A/G, A/G, A/D
General Education Categories:
A - Humanities and Fine Arts
B - Social and Behavioral Science
C - Communication
D - Cultural Diversity
F - First Year Experience
G - Global Perspectives
L - Laboratory Experience
R - Quantitative Reasoning
S - Science and Technology
W - Wellness

See General Education Requirements for more information on core NDSU courses.

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