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Campus Connection Student Photo Guidelines


Student photographs in Campus Connection may be accessed for academic purposes, such as confirming attendance or matching names and faces of students/advisees.  Individuals who currently have access to student photos in Campus Connection are faculty/advisors, and student services staff and administrators previously approved for student biodemographic data access.

The initial load of currently enrolled student photos was made from the ID card database.  Nightly loads will refresh the system with updated photos taken by the Bison Card Center.

Student Data Privacy Guidelines Regarding Photos

Photos may only be viewed inside the Campus Connection (PeopleSoft/Oracle) system, and may not be extracted to learning management systems (e.g., Blackboard), blogs, web sites, or desktop/laptop computers.  Furthermore, they may not be printed or distributed to third parties inside or outside the University, including colleagues or other enrolled students.  Requests from university officials who do not have access to student records as part of their regular professional responsibilities must be made to either Bison Card Center or Registration and Records.

Certain biodemographic information, including photographic and video/electronic images, is considered directory information under North Dakota University System policy, which permits student photo to be used in publications, web sites, etc.  However, an amendment recently was approved to specifically EXCLUDE Student ID photos from directory information, giving them a higher level of protection under the Family Educational Right and Privacy Act (FERPA).  Violations of FERPA are subject to investigation and sanctions by the University.

Instructions for Accessing Student Photos in Campus Connection

I)  Photographs may be viewed by Faculty/Advisors as follows:

  • Faculty Center > Class Roster (select a course) > Click on the Class Roster icon > Click on the photo icon for the student
  • Advisor Center > My Advisees

In both navigations, a ‘Photo’ column appears in which icons may be selected to view photos.

Note: Photos will be available on some students in prior term rosters, but will not appear for students who have never requested a Bison Card.

II)  Photographs may be viewed by Staff and Administrators with approved security access as follows:

  • Navigator > Campus Community > Personal Info (Student) > Identification (Student) > Photo

Note: Accessing photos in Campus Connection should not be the primary means of identifying students.  Please continue standard practices of requesting student identification (actual Bison Card and/or driver’s license) when required for certain processes or services.

Questions about FERPA, Campus Connection security access, or the photo upload process may be directed to the Office of Registration and Records at

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