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Classroom and Computer Cluster Reservation Guidelines

According to NDSU Policy, Section 700: Services and Facilities Usage, the following guidelines apply to special event reservation requests made to the University.

  1. As a general rule, campus services may be used only by: 1) University employees for purposes related to their official responsibilities, or 2) off-campus organizations for non-profit, nonpolitical purposes, provided that the specific use of a campus service is sponsored by a University department or University-related organization as a part of its official function.

  2. Unauthorized sale or solicitations at any time in the residence halls, University apartments, or in any other campus buildings, including academic and administrative buildings, are prohibited. For questions regarding sale in the Memorial Union, see the Memorial Union Director. For questions regarding sales in Residence Life facilities, see the Associate Director of Residence Life. For questions concerning sales in any other areas, contact the Dean of Student Life Office, Memorial Union. See also NDSU Policy 601 (subsection 4.19 and section 8) and Policy 150.

  3. Candidates for political or public office who wish to use campus facilities must comply with University rules and regulations. NDSU has adopted specific campaign procedures for local, state, and national elections. Copies of the policies can be obtained from the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs. These policies govern canvassing, placement of brochures and materials, and use of the Student Union and University housing. Door to door campaigning or canvassing is not permitted in academic buildings. These buildings are restricted to educational purposes. For use of facilities by University employees, see Policy 160, number 13.

  4. All filming, videotaping, and still photography on University property or at University sponsored events for commercial purposes (including political advertising) must be approved and coordinated by the Director of University News, Old Main 204. "Commercial purpose" does not include news media reporting or outside use of University property for personal use (like wedding pictures).

  5. A contract must be signed by off-campus entities not affiliated with the University prior to any activity beginning on University property or at a University sponsored event. Activities, projects and special events can't disrupt normal operations of the University.

Policy 700 or other referenced policies may be viewed in full online at

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