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Document Imaging at NDSU

We're Interested... Where do we start?

Interested parties can contact Rhonda Kitch in the Office of Registration and Records at 701-231-7987 or

How many licenses do we need to purchase?

The number of licenses you will need is based on the number of users you have in your department and how often they will be using ImageNow.  Perceptive Software recommends approximately one license for every four users (as a starting point). This number will vary depending on how many users are everyday "heads down" users (such as scanners); users who login daily to check and process their workflow queues; or occasional part-time users, managers, or administrators.  See the Participating Offices page for a chart detailing NDSU's current license and user breakdown.

What kind of scanner should we purchase?

The kind of scanner you choose depends largely on how and how often you plan on using it. Many, if not all, of the scanners currently in use at NDSU process a heavy volume of documents on a daily basis. This means that you should look for a scanner with a high volume life cycle built to withstand thousands of scans per day.  High-quality resolution is another important factor as is having the option to scan documents in color. See the Software & Hardware Requirements page for more information on the scanners used by NDSU.

What's the difference between a "Seat", "Concurrent", or "Combo" license?

A SEAT license is a dedicated user license that can only be installed and used on a single computer. *(CaptureNow licenses for the scanners are "seat" licenses)

A CONCURRENT license is a user license that is stored on the ImageNow server and can be used by any user that has the ImageNow client installed on their computer. The number of concurrent licenses stored on the server determines how many users can be logged in to ImageNow at one time. *(currently, all ImageNow client licenses at NDSU are "concurrent" licenses)

A COMBO license is a user license similar to a concurrent license that can be designated as either an ImageNow license or a WebNow license on the server which can be accessed by users as long as licenses are available on the server.

What's the difference between "ImageNow", "WebNow", and "CaptureNow"?

ImageNow is the "full client" (installed on each computer) that allows full functionality of all ImageNow processes.

WebNow is the web-based "thin client" (no installation required) that can be accessed via a web address and used via an Internet browser.  Most common ImageNow functionality is available, however some capturing, linking, and administrative functions cannot be done using WebNow.

CaptureNow is the software that is required to be installed and used in conjunction with each scanner.

How do we add a new staff member/student worker to ImageNow?

Submit a Help Desk ticket to ITS requesting that both the "ImageNow" service be added to the new user's Enroll Services and a new ImageNow user account be created on the ImageNow server.  (You will be asked to provide the user's "Empl ID" number.)

I need help... Who do I contact?
  1. Please contact the designated ImageNow support person in your office or the corresponding support contact from another participating office first.

  2. If further assistance is needed, contact either Viet Doan (system administrator) or Jon Bronken (ITS server support).

  3. If the issue cannot be resolved by someone on campus, then you may need to submit a help ticket to ImageNow Support at 1-888-906-3565, or  See the Contact Information page for a listing of NDSU's ImageNow contacts.

HAVE QUESTIONS about Document Imaging (ImageNow)?... Please contact:

A.J. Klein, 701-231-7983,
Rhonda Kitch, 701-231-7987,

110 Ceres Hall
Office of Registration and Records
NDSU Dept. 2831 / P.O. Box 6050 / Fargo, ND 58108-6050
701-231-7981 (local) / 800-608-6378 (toll free) / 701-231-8959 (fax)

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