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Engaging in Research

Research relationships take many forms, from fast-track development to relationships built on long-term collaborations with multiple projects so we offer several flexible options for engaging with us.

Industrial Sponsored Research

Industrial sponsored research is undertaken by university personnel and students to address a problem, issue or need that has been identified by the sponsor.  Projects may involve basic or applied research and are aimed at discovery and interpretation of facts, development of new analytical and experimental protocols or practical application of new theories, analysis, data gathering and experiments. 

A sponsor is entitled to utilize the results and any technology that is developed during the research project for their internal purposes.  In the event a patentable technology (invention) is developed in the course of the research project, ownership of that invention would be determined by inventorship, in accordance with US Patent Law.

A sponsor is always provided with prompt notice of any invention and receives the first option to license such invention for its own commercial purposes.  NDSU would retain its right to publish the results of the research project and would maintain its right to utilize the invention for teaching and research purposes.

Although an industrial sponsor desires an outcome that benefits its business, however NDSU cannot guarantee a specific outcome or results of any research project.

A comparison of NDSU's sponsored research agreements is available on the Industrial Sponsored Research webpage.

Industrial Consortium

University Consortia are partnerships between the university, industry, government, and/or foundations developed to address issues of mutual interest to members who generally operate within the same industry.  University research undertaken as part of consortium is designed to tackle emerging needs or common problems faced by consortium members rather than being focused on the needs of a specific member.  While intellectual property developed under an industrial consortium is normally available for all consortium members to use, how IP is handled within a given consortia is defined within the specific Consortium Agreement.

Industrial Consortiums at NDSU include:

  • NDSU Computer Science Industry/University Consortium Program 
  • North Dakota Partner in Nursing (PIN) Gerontology Consortium 
  • Center for Quality, Reliability and Maintainability Engineering

Testing Services

NDSU personnel can provide certain services which

  • require use of unique or special NDSU facilities that either do not exist elsewhere or are not readily available or  
  • are performed pursuant to a sponsor developed protocol and require the use of the sponsor's proprietary materials or
  • involve established, pre-existing methods of a primarily technical nature which do not require original, creative thought

These services do not involve any expert analysis or discretionary judgement and can  be provided under NDSU's Testing Service Agreement or through a NDSU Service Center.  A project that requires the development of new methodologies, new tools, or analysis/interpretation of results would be considered a research project rather than a testing service.

The Testing Services Agreement is a non-negotiable contract used for measuring, testing or fabricating company-owned materials. Ownership of the testing results and any inventions which involve the use of, composition of, or improvement to company-provided materials or information, or a derivative, analogue thereof will be owned by the Company.  NDSU publication rights are limited to only new scientific findings.  Because the Testing Services Agreement was developed for a very specific use, assigns IP to the sponsor, and contains publication restrictions, an Investigator Agreement is required to be submitted with all internal routing forms for Testing Services projects.  The Investigator Agreement addresses Conflict of Interest, publication and intellectual property issues associated with service activities.

Contract Research

NDSU, as a land grant institution, has three mission: the education of students, the creation of new knowledge, and the dissemination of knowledge.  As such, NDSU does not perform Contract Research Services under the direction of its industry partners.

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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