Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Guidance


NDSU Animal Researchers,

The NDSU campus-wide task force for COVID-19 preparedness will continue to send out weekly updates.  Please read these updates to ensure you are informed on the latest news and decisions related to NDSU’s plans for addressing COVID-19 

The CDC and North Dakota Department of Health are releasing guidance for the state’s universities.  They are urging universities to:

  • review, update, and implement emergency operation plans
  • monitor and plan for absenteeism
  • establish procedures for students, staff, and faculty who are sick (with any illness)
  • perform routine environmental cleaning


  • Review your animal facility disaster preparedness plans and update your Animal Research Facility Capture Tool (attached).  Plan how to cover potential staffing shortages to ensure continuity of animal care.  Please see attached email from NIH-OLAW. 
  • Carefully consider research study timelines.  You will need to ensure you have adequate staffing and that your facilities have essential items in stock as shortages or supply chains may be impacted.   The AVMA website states, “No current shortages are reported by any of the 32 animal drug companies that make finished drugs or source active pharmaceutical ingredients in China for the U.S. market, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  However, six of the firms have indicated that they see supply chain disruptions that soon could lead to shortages.”

Please feel free to contact the IACUC or AV Offices if you have questions. 

Thank you! 



NIH Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare: Preparing for the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Outbreak

OLAW reminds grantee institutions that the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals requires PHS Assured institutions to have “a disaster plan that takes into account both personnel and animals.” Guidance for preparing for a pandemic can be found on the OLAW website in the Frequently Asked Questions section, under Institutional Responsibilities, FAQ G9.

See also OLAW’s Disaster Planning and Response Resources webpage to find resources for developing plans to prepare for and respond to disasters and public health emergencies that may impact animal care and use programs.

For specific information about COVID-19 and situation updates, see and

NDSU Animal Research Facility Capture Tool

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