Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Guidance

NDSU Animal Researchers,

As we continue to conduct and monitor research during the pandemic, the IACUC and AV offices reminds you to pay attention to your research study timelines. Please ensure you have adequate staffing and essential resources in stock to conduct and complete research as described in approved protocols. We continue to ask Principal Investigators (PIs) to contact the IACUC and AV offices before beginning animal work. To ensure research teams are prepared to carry out studies during the pandemic, we are providing the COVID-19 Pandemic- Project Initiation Form as a tool to help prepare  you to carry out and successfully complete your study. This tool can also be shared with the IACUC and AV Offices to communicate your research plans. The AV will then communicate with the PI if any questions arise.

Thank you for your efforts to conduct quality teaching and research that ensures the health and welfare of animals at NDSU.

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