NDSU PPE Donations

In an effort to help our communities fight the COVID-19 pandemic, please take this opportunity to inventory your total personal protective equipment (PPE) that could be mobilized for use by healthcare personnel, first responders, safety officers, and others to help prevent the spread of the virus.

INVENTORY PPE: this is PPE that was purchased on a current grant and/or that would need to be replaced. Before these items would be collected, authorization from funding agencies, identification of means of replacement, and PI consent would be secured. Do not gather this PPE for pick-up unless requested to do so.

DONATION PPE: this is PPE purchased on awards that have been closed-out (or other funds) that is surplus and does not need to be replaced. Given the nature of this situation, even certain expired PPE materials may be accepted. These items should be gathered at this time, clearly labeled with a large sign, and placed at the lab’s waste pick-up location. They will only be collected if needed.
Do not count these items in your “INVENTORY PPE”.

  • Items will be picked up from labs by the Safety Office
  • Questions should be directed to Amy.Kain@ndsu.edu
  • Thank you!
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