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Sanford Health - NDSU Research Seed Grant

In 2014, Sanford Health and North Dakota State University (NDSU) partnered together to conduct collaborative research on human nutrition, weight management and other dietary-related areas as part of a seed-grant initiative developed between the two organizations. The research will address key objectives of the Profile by Sanford® program.

Profile is a weight-management program that uses customized meal plans, health coaches and real-time technology. It was developed by Sanford physicians and researchers.

NDSU researchers will have opportunities to collaborate with investigators from Sanford Research on topics including metabolism, food choices and consumption, prenatal nutrition, genetics, development of sensors that monitor wellness factors and food manufacturing and nutritional interactions with the human microbiome. Research findings relevant to Profile will be considered as the program evolves and expands.

Programmatic Themes

NDSU faculty are invited to submit proposals that identify issues, advance scientific understanding and make progress toward solving critical problems in human nutrition and related problems.

Priority activities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Human nutrition and metabolism (may include use of appropriate animal models)
  • Human behavior related to food choices and consumption
  • Study of the human microbiome (may include use of appropriate animal models)
  • Epigenetics, with specific interest in prenatal nutrition
  • Genetics, nutrigenomics, and metabolomics
  • Development of sensors that monitor wellness factors
  • Analytics of large and dynamic data sets resulting from wellness sensors
  • Processing and manufacturing improvements of the Profile protein supplement

Connecting with Sanford Researchers

To facilitate collaborations between NDSU and Sanford Health personnel, please provide a short document (no more than one (1) page) that outlines a possible Sanford Health NDSU Collaborative project.  These requests will be distributed to Sanford Health researchers or clinical personnel for review.  The additional deadline is intended to facilitate further collaboration between Sanford Health and NDSU by providing:

1.    additional time early in the process to identify potential collaborators and
2.    a longer time for the development of a joint project. 

As always, collaboration with a Sanford Research investigator is encouraged, but not required.  However, proposals including such collaborations will be considered favorably by reviewers of proposals.

Collaboration Requests are to be submitted by 5:00 pm on January 29, 2019 to

Program Details

Further information about this program  including eligibility, deadlines, and application requirements are available in the Sanford Health NDSU Collaborative Research Seed Grant Program Request for Application.  

Sanford Health NDSU Collaborative Research Seed Grant Program should be submitted to NDSU Business Development using the Sanford Health NDSU Collaborative Research Seed Grant Program Cover Sheet.

Summary of Timeline and Funding Information

Collaboration Request DeadlineJanuary 29, 2019 no later than 5:00PM Central Time
Application DeadlineMarch 19, 2019 no later than 5:00PM Central Time
Application Submission

Submit proposals electronically to
Applications must be submitted in PDF format.

Completed cover sheets may be submitted via hard copy to Nicole Boyer (R1A, Rm 1114) or electronically to

NotificationNotifications about whether or not an application/proposal has been approved for an award will be sent to applicants in May
Funding PeriodUp to one (1) year

Budgets up to $100,000 per proposal/application will be considered. 

It is expected that 2-3 projects will be funded. 
Final budgets may be adjusted as part of the award process in order to not exceed the total $250,000 annual limit. 
Indirect CostsRecovery of indirect costs is NOT allowed.
External SubcontractsLetter of Intent should include a statement from sub-awardee acknowledging that there are no Fiscal and Administrative costs available due to prime sponsor requirements. 

2018 Award Recipients

Brooks, Amanda

Pharmaceutical Sciences

The effect of the gut microbiota composition on calorie utilization: a translational approach$76,098
Hilmert, ClaytonPsychologyThe impacts of prenatal nutrition stress, and reactivity on blood sugar and perinatal outcomes$86,969

Steffen, Kristine

Pharmaceutical SciencesThe impact of weight loss surgery, positive airway pressure therapy and combined modalities on metabolic hormones regulating appetite and food intake$86,934

2017 Award Recipients

Wang, Danling

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Low Cost Acetone Sensor for Early-Stage Diabetes Diagnosis and Daily Monitoring$67,500
Simsek, SenayPlant Sciences Colon Cancer Reduction and the Gut Microflora: Effect of Flavonoids from Red Wheat $100,000

Quadir, Mohiuddin

Food Science and Nutrition Nanocapsule-mediated Dietary Delivery of Arginine for Acute Wound Healing $80,500

2016 Award Recipients

Hackney, KyleHealth, Nutrition & Exercise SciencesProtein Intake and Muscular Health with Aging:  Effects of Increased Physical Activity$76,000
Qian, StevenPharmaceutical SciencesDownregulation of D5D to Exploit Anti-cancer Effects of omega-6 Diet Supplementation for Colon Cancer Treatment$87,000

Steffen, Kristine
Brooks, Amanda

Pharmaceutical SciencesThe Effect of Nutrient Intake and Probiotic Administration on Weight and Glucoregulation Before and After Bariatric Surgery$87,000

2015 Award Recipients

Hackney, KyleHealth, Nutrition & Exercise SciencesProtein Intake and Muscular Health with Aging$77,270
Irish, LeahPsychologyTemporal Dynamics of Sleep and Energy Consumption and Expenditure$77,636

Reindl, Katie

Biological SciencesDietary Flaxseed to Prevent Inflammation and Oxidative Stress in American Indian Smokers$95,087


All publications and presentations related to funded projects must be submitted to Sanford thirty (30) calendar days prior to the first submission of such proposed publication or presentation to a journal, editor, or third party.  Sanford will have twenty (20) calendar days after the receipt of the publication or presentation to review it and proved comments, including any claim that the proposed publication contains Sanford Confidential Information. This is not a publication restriction but a standard review for confidential/proprietary data and review for intellectual property that may need protection prior to publication.

All publications and presentations must make the following acknowledgement in an appropriate location: “Support for this project was provided by the Sanford Health – North Dakota State University Collaborative Research Seed Grant program.” If a grant number is required, this can be provided by the Sanford Research Grants Office. 

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