Materials Research Laboratory (Synthesis and Processing)

Synthesis Equipment

C01Symyx Batch Synthesis Station
   C14   ChemSpeed Reactor
   C39   Large Scale Reactors [10 liter Reactor with Distillation]
   C40   10 Liter Reactor
C416 liter High Pressure Reactor
   C42   Chemspeed M100 High Pressure Parallel Reactors

Coatings Related Equipment

   C34   Formulation Station
   C35   Coating Deposition Tool
   C36   Coating Friction, Tack, Wear, and Chemical Resistance Measurements
   C05   Automated Pull-Off Adhesion System
   C25   UV Curing System
   C32   Color & Gloss Station
   C27   Automated Film Thickness
   C04   Coating Surface Energy Station

Polymer Extrusion and Rubber Processing

   C44   RheoDrive and RheoMix [Polymer Extrusion / Rubber Blending]
C46Brabender Two Roll Mill

Miscellaneous Equipment

   C08Solvent Evaporator (Genevac)
   C07Weigh Station (Bohdan)
   C53Flaktec Mixer
   C573-Bay Glovebox
   C19Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Deposition Tool
   C54Corona Treatment Machine
   C06   Paint Booth
   C09   Crystalization Microscope
   C18   General Shop Tools
   C20   Solvent Stripper
   C21   Rotovap
   C22   Circular Abrader
   C31   Supercritical CO2 Solvent Extractor
   C43   Crossflow Membrane Flux Cell
   C47   Powdernium
   C50   Welder
   C52   DC High Voltage Power Supply
   C56   Sandblaster
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