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Disclosing an Invention

Inventions, discoveries and emerging technologies are flowing through the innovation pipeline at NDSU.  The office of Industry Engagement and Intellectual Property (IEIP) works with the NDSU Research Foundation (NDSURF) to protect and promote these inventions and the intellectual property (IP) rights therein. 

A researcher can contact IEIP to discuss their research and secure guidance to determine if a discovery is sufficiently developed to complete an invention reporting form (links are below). An invention reporting form should always be completed at least a month before any public disclosure of an invention is planned.  Early reporting will provide adequate time for IEIP to review the invention and secure IP protection when appropriate. 

Why Report?

When a researcher obtains research funding (including federal, corporate, consortia, or private granting organizations) the funding agreement generally will contain provisions that address the use and ownership rights to the research results.  Most funding agreements require that results and any inventions developed as part of the project be disclosed to the sponsor.  Filing an invention reporting form with IEIP fulfills the researcher's obligations under the funding agreement and as required by NDSU Policy 190 Employee Responsibility and Activities: Intellectual Property

There are other potential benefits to reporting an invention or discovery. When appropriate, patents and other IP rights are secured for discoveries, which could provide:

  • enhanced recognition among academic peers and potential industry partners,
  • increased visibility from successful patents or other IP rights that may lead to sponsored research, joint ventures or other opportunities,
  • additional publication opportunities or
  • income generation from licensing or royalties that is shared with the inventors of record, as well as the inventor's department and college. 

Invention Disclosures

If you have any questions about the form(s), please contact Denise Roehl (

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