Human Subjects Protection Training

Changes to human subjects training requirements

Beginning July 1, 2020, human subjects training must be completed through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) online training program.  Training is verified upon submission of protocols, continuing reviews and amendments.  In-person training is longer be accepted.  More information on the CITI training program can be found below.  In-person sessions to supplement the online training are still available upon request.

Initial Training

  • NDSU IRB Standard Operating Procedures requires all investigators and research team members engaged in the conduct of human subjects research to complete training on protecting the rights and welfare of research participants.  Documentation of training is verified at initial and continuing review of the protocol. as well as when adding research team members to a protocol.  More information can be found in SOP 5.3 Training, Education and Outreach:  Research investigators and team members.
  • Training options include:
  • Conducting an NIH-funded clinical trial requires completion of training in Good Clinical Practice (GCP).  To complete this training, register by clicking "Add a course" on your CITI page Main Menu and choosing "Good Clinical Practice."

Continuing Education

  • The NDSU IRB requires all members of the research team maintain current knowledge of ethical principles and policies related to human subjects research.

  • Online training is renewed every three years.

Individual online training records can be accessed through the CITI program.  Answers to frequently asked questions about the CITI program can be found here.


Setting up your CITI account

NDSU Single Sign On to CITI Training

How to set up your CITI Account

Need technical support?  Contact CITI toll-free at 888.529.5929 or

Mayville State and other non-NDSU collaborators

To set up a CITI account:

  • From the CITI homepage, Click on "REGISTER."
  • Select Your Organization Affiliation as 'North Dakota State University.'  NOTE:  Do not select the 'North Dakota State University (SSO) option if you do not have an email address.
  • Click that "I AGREE to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for accessing CITI Program Materials."
  • Click that "I affirm that I am an affiliate of North Dakota State University."
  • Select "Continue to Create Your CITI Program Username/Password."

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