‘Materials Science of Superheroes' to be Explored at Fargo Theater on May 3

Fargo, N.D. Ponder this. Who is faster: Superman or the Flash?

How does Captain America’s shield work?

What type of metal is used in Wonder Woman’s bracelets that enables her to deflect bullets?

James Kakalios, author of the popular science book “The Physics of Superheroes,” will be the featured speaker for the 2011 NDSU College of Science and Mathematics Community Lectureship scheduled for Tuesday, May 3 at 7 p.m. at the Fargo Theatre. The event is free and open to the public, science teachers and students from junior high through college.

While materials scientists don’t typically consult comic books when selecting research topics, innovations first introduced in superhero adventures as fiction can sometimes find their way off the comic book page and into reality.

In his presentation, “Materials Science of Superheroes,” Kakalios will describe the real physics behind these comic book heroes. Kakalios served as the science consultant for the Warner Bros. superhero film, “Watchmen.” He is the Taylor Distinguished Professor at the University of Minnesota’s School of Physics and Astronomy.

Learn more about Kakalios and his science mission at http://www.physicsofsuperheroes.com

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