NDSU Assistant Professor Receives Superior Paper Award

Fargo, N.D. – The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers recently selected Ganesh Bora, assistant professor in agricultural and biosystems engineering at NDSU, for the 2012 Superior Paper Award. His paper, titled “Performance of a Pulse Width Modulated Single to Multifold Outlet System for Variable-Rate Anhydrous Ammonia Application,” was published in the journal, Transactions of the ASABE.

The Paper Awards are selected annually from papers of engineering merit published during the prior calendar year in publications of Applied Engineering in Agriculture, Transactions of the ASABE, Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health or Biological Engineering Transactions. American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers president, Sonia Jacobsen, will honor paper award recipients during the General Session Recognition Program at the annual international meeting to be held in Dallas July 29-Aug. 1.

NDSU is recognized as one of the nation's top 108 public and private universities by the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education.

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