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Archived Feature Stories—2011

NDSU Develops Innovative Laser-Enabled Electronic Packaging Technology
Small. Fast. Precise. A new electronics manufacturing technology developed at North Dakota State University, Fargo, eliminates challenges facing conventional packaging techniques and shows promise to significantly reduce the size and unit cost of microelectronic devices.

NDSU Research Foundation Licenses Coatings Technology to Elinor Specialty Coatings: Novel BronzeShield™ Coatings Technology Preserves Art and Monuments
The unique polymer technology licensed to Elinor Specialty Coatings and marketed as BronzeShield,™ allows the original patina of the bronze to remain, while protecting monuments, art and architecture from salt, UV radiation, moisture and vandalism.

Evolution: Not as Long as You Think
Research conducted by a team of biological scientists published in PLoS ONE suggests that conservation biologists and managers should consider the prospect that populations transferred to new environments might rapidly evolve and foil original management plans.

NDSU Researchers Develop Revolutionary Biobased Technology From Crop Materials Produced in North Dakota
Several crops produced in North Dakota could play a significant role in biobased resins and coatings recently developed by researchers at North Dakota State University. Scientists at NDSU have developed biobased resins that may prove to be a “game changer” in coatings and resin technology.

Research at NDSU Links Diet During Pregnancy to Reducing Breast Cancer Risk in Female Offspring
Research by Dr. Chung Park suggests that a pregnant mother’s diet that contains certain nutrients can potentially reduce the risk of breast cancer in her female offspring.

NDSU Faculty Awarded Grant for Antarctic Research
More NDSU students will receive the opportunity to conduct research in Antarctica. The National Science Foundation has awarded a $292,568 grant to geology professors Adam R. Lewis and Ken Lepper of North Dakota State University, Fargo, for Antarctic research that will support as many as seven graduate and undergraduate students doing research through 2014.

NDSU Graduate Researcher Receives NSF Fellowship
Dereck Stonefish, who is pursuing a doctorate degree in zoology, is conducting research on the migratory ecology of red-winged blackbirds and yellow-headed blackbirds that are summer residents in North Dakota.

NDSU Researcher Studies Disease-Causing Bacteria
An NDSU researcher hopes her efforts can lead to the development of novel drugs to treat certain infectious diseases.

Collaboration Energizes NDSU Research
Organic-based solar cells have the potential to revolutionize renewable energy technology.

NDSU Lichens Expert Contributes to International Database
Lichens are sometimes called "the most bizarre of all forms of life," because each species is composed of two, sometimes three, separate organisms. One is a fungus, while the other is an alga.

NDSU Students Discover that Studying the Past Leads to Their Future: Group’s Research Uncovers Rare Artifact in South Pacific
Summer on a tropical island in the Pacific sounded like a great idea to eight undergraduate and two graduate students from North Dakota State University studying anthropology.

NDSU Reaches Top National Rank of Carnegie Commission on Higher Education
NDSU has joined the nation’s top 108 public and private universities in the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education’s elite category of “Research Universities/Very High Research Activity”

NDSU Programs Impacting Lives of Teachers and Students
The NDSU College of Human Development and Education is participating in projects expected to produce dramatic results in teaching, learning and social development.

Patented Data Mining Technology Created at NDSU Licensed to Treeminer, Inc.
University Distinguished Professor Dr. William Perrizo and his team at NDSU have developed a technology tool to help government and businesses quickly process massive data sets.

More Jobs and Increased Revenue: Report Shows NDSU Research & Technology Park’s Economic Impact on Region
An Idaho firm examined a range of economic indicators to analyze the NDSU Research & Technology Park’s performance from 2007 to 2010, with projections for 2011.

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