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Archived Feature Stories—2012

North Dakota State University and Lawrence Livermore National Lab Announce Research Partnership
North Dakota State University (NDSU), Fargo, and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), Livermore, Calif., announced that they have entered into a memorandum of agreement to collaborate on research and development projects involving computational-based modeling and simulation for energy and energy-related applications.

Want Your Baby to Learn? Research Shows Sitting Up Helps
From the Mozart effect to educational videos, many parents want to aid their infants in learning. New research out of North Dakota State University, Fargo, and Texas A&M shows that something as simple as the body position of babies while they learn plays a critical role in their cognitive development.

Initial Results Reported as NDSU CNSE Lab Analyzes Clay Samples from ND Oilpatch
Initial results of clay samples from western North Dakota show varying percentages of alumina content, a finding of interest to the North Dakota Geological Survey that commissioned the study.

NDSU Receives $4.9 Million from National Institutes of Health for Biomedical Research
With the latest round of competitive funding, NDSU has received a total of $24 million in awards through the NIH Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) over the past 12 years.

TECHNOLOGY CREATED AT NDSU LICENSED TO C2RENEW CORP. Start-up Company Developed from NDSU Research Discovery
The technology offsets the costs and need to use petroleum-based polymers/plastics by using renewable agricultural by-products that are currently considered waste, being used as animal feed/bedding, or used as low-cost combustion by-products for heat energy.

National Science Foundation Award Bolsters “Big Data” Research at NDSU
This is big. When it comes to research, scientists often generate oceans of data, which can create challenges to capture, store, analyze and understand.

NDSU Research Connects the Dots to Renewable Energy Future
Svetlana Kilina, Ph.D., assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry at North Dakota State University, Fargo, has received a $750,000 five-year award from the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science Early Career Research Program.

NDSU Graduate Student Researches New Use for Wetland Model
Twice a week, graduate student Alex Stalboerger parks on the edge of a dirt road near Embden, N.D. He straps on his waders and carries a cooler through a field to the treatment wetland he built last summer.

American Indian High School, Tribal College Students Conduct Research with NDSU Faculty
With a closing ceremonial drumming and the handing out of completion certificates, Nurturing American Tribal Undergraduate Research and Education, or NATURE, wrapped up its 12th year on June 15.

One Smart Egg: Birds Sense Day Length Before Hatching and Change How They Develop
This is one smart egg. Talk about adjusting your internal clock. New research at North Dakota State University, Fargo, shows that some chicks can sense day length, even while they are still in the egg, which in turn, affects how they develop.

Small Kids Discover Big Ideas
Dozens upon dozens of elementary school students jammed the lobby of the Fargo Public Library’s James Carlson branch in south Fargo on June 28. They waited to hear not from a sports star, but from a scientist.

NDSU Students’ Start-up Business Named a Semifinalist in National Silicon Valley Competition
Switch, ( an energy monitoring and automation software with a completely free and open interface, allows users to access and monitor energy consumption at their home or business with their computer or mobile phone.

NDSU Plant Data Provides Goldmine for Climate Change Research Now Featured in Major International Science Journal
O.A. Stevens traveled through North Dakota every summer, gathering plants and recording data from 1907 to 1961.

NDSU Receives Competitive Research Award from Navy; Also Receives Federal Funds to Add Laboratory Space
A research team at North Dakota State University is receiving $480,000 in a competitive grant award from the Office of Naval Research for research on coatings for ship hulls.

NDSU Research Provides Clues for Effective Management of Area Lake
Lakes have lifecycles of their own and results from more than two decades of research by NDSU professor Malcolm Butler and his students are being used to help determine optimum ways to manage and restore a regional lake managed for migratory waterfowl.

NDSU Students Help Researchers Working to Establish New Climate Record for Antarctica
Some students will literally go to the end of the earth for their studies. Such is the case for NDSU graduate student Felix Zamora and senior Ashley Steffen, who recently journeyed to Antarctica for an unforgettable academic experience.

NDSU Student Wins National Award for Best Social Science Research
An international studies and political science student at North Dakota State University, Fargo, is being awarded first place by the Western Social Science Association (WSSA) for her undergraduate research paper. Sarah Mayo is presenting her research paper at the WSSA 54th Annual Conference in Houston, Texas.

NDSU Sponsors Noted Evolutionary Biologist to Present on the History of the Human Body
Neil Shubin, a noted paleontologist and evolutionary biologist, will present “Your Inner Fish: A Journey into the 3.5 Billion-Year History of the Human Body” during the sixth annual NDSU College of Science and Mathematics Community Lectureship

NDSU Graduate Students to Showcase Research and Art Projects
The Graduate Student Association showcases innovative research currently in progress at North Dakota State University by hosting the Graduate Research and Arts Forum.

Food Logistics Magazine Selects Lift’n Buddy as a Top 10 Innovator of 2012
The Lift’n Buddy has been designed with proper ergonomics and safety in mind for any person and any moving and lifting job. These mobile lifting devices, fabricated of durable, lightweight, extruded aluminum, help companies avoid the financial exposure of employee injury, litigation, and workers’ compensation claims.

“Sugar on a Stick” Helps Kids Learn to Learn: NDSU Students Partner with Elementary Schools
Many children are exposed to technology at an early age, but few are taught how to harness the power of technology to drive their own learning and their future. A group of students from North Dakota State University and their advisor, Dr. Kevin Brooks, chair of the English department, are working to change that.

NDSU Pharmaceutical Sciences Assistant Professor Continues Commitment to Cancer Research
Erxi Wu’s interest in cancer research began when he witnessed his friend battle the relentless disease. It was reinforced a few years later when he was in postdoctoral training and a professor in his research area died from lymphoma.

NDSU Researcher Uses Supercomputing Power to Study the Sun
NDSU’s supercomputing center (CCAST) is available to students, faculty and staff researchers, and available for researchers and industry that are partnering with NDSU.

NDSU CNSE Lab to Analyze Clay Samples From ND Oilpatch Counties
Scientists in a lab at NDSU’s Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) are analyzing materials that could eventually play a role in North Dakota oil exploration.

Supercomputing Could Play Role in Energy Development
At the North Dakota Energy Symposium held at NDSU on March 5, attendees from industry, government and academia discussed the role of supercomputing facilities including NDSU’s Center for Computationally Assisted Science and Technology (CCAST).

NDSU Developmental Psychologist Digs into the Complexities of Eating Disorders and Body Image
Eating disorders are often thought to be a female problem, but NDSU developmental psychologist Elizabeth Blodgett Salafia’s research has proved that idea wrong. She has found poor body image and eating disorders are problems for males, too.

NDSU Social Psychologist Brings Research Findings to the Public by Blogging for Psychology Today
The title of Clay Routledge’s blog seems to cover most of life’s psychological bases. And thousands of people can’t wait to see what he says next.

ND Centers of Excellence Commission Approves Two New Centers of Research Excellence at NDSU
The North Dakota Centers of Excellence Commission has approved $1.67 million to fund two new Centers of Research Excellence at North Dakota State University, Fargo.

NDSU Students Win Bronze in Basketball/Physics Competition
Three students had just 48 hours to solve a physics problem involving three-point shooting in Olympic basketball, using math and physics to determine what initial ball velocities and spins will result in a successful shot from the three-point line, using international basketball rules.

Antennaless RFID Tags Developed at NDSU Solve Problem of Tracking Metal and Liquids
The antennaless RFID tag developed at CNSE could help companies track products as varied as barrels of oil to metal cargo containers.

NDSU Associate Professor Researches How North Dakota Crops Can Be Used by Food Manufacturers
If you have ever been curious about where the idea for your breakfast cereal or snack food originated, it may have been in a lab like the one at Harris Hall where Clifford Hall conducts his research.

High School Student's Research Experience at NDSU Leads to Publication in Major Scientific Journal
When 16-year-old Anna Bernhardt of New Salem, N.D., filled out papers to attend North Dakota Governor’s School, she didn’t know it would jumpstart her journey to become a young scientist in a major way, leading to a significant research discovery in nanotechnology.

Researchers, Students Benefit from NDSU's Shared Research Facilities
Many high-level research universities have adopted a cost-efficient solution to stretch research dollars as far as possible—sharing.

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