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Electronic Proposal Submission

Many grant agencies are conducting their business electronically.  Most federal grant proposals are required to be submitted electronically, and subsequent grant business is also completed online.

Faculty and staff are asked to check grant program guidelines closely to determine if electronic proposal submission is required and, if so, contact Sponsored Programs Administration staff as soon as possible to allow time for the necessary administrative preparations. Each proposal submission offers unique challenges which the SPA staff can help resolve, saving you time and effort.

Questions? Call the Budget & Program Officer at 231.5259.

Electronic SystemPI Registration Required
Sponsor System NameSelf-RegistrationSPA Registration

Used for sponsors such as: USDA-NIFA, DOT, EPA, DOI YesAssigns Role
National Science Foundation (NSF)FastlaneYesVerifies Affiliation
National Institutes of Health (NIH)NIH CommonsNoYes – Request ID
Department of Defense


YesVerifies Affiliation

Department of Energy (DOE)
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

EERE ExchangeYesVerifies Affiliation

Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science

PAMSYesRequest ID


YesVerifies Affiliation
Department of Education
E-Grants (formerly E-GAPS)


Alzheimer's Association, American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, Arthritis Foundation, Cancer Research Foundation of America, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Foundation for Digestive Health and Nutrition, etc.ProposalCENTRALYesN/A
Department of JusticeGMS SystemYesN/A
Defense Threat Reduction Agency



National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Department of Transportation (DOT)Federal Transit Administration Team-WebYesN/A
National Writing ProjectNational Writing Project Grant Application SystemYesN/A
Corporation for National and Community ServiceE-grants systemYesN/A
APHISeZFedGrantsYesAssigns Role

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