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Pre-Award Administration

Prior to Award:  Sponsors may contact PI’s or SPA to request updated proposal information to continue with the proposal review process or a sponsor may need updated information in order to issue an award.  PI’s work with SPA to develop a response to sponsor requests and SPA submits documentation to sponsor agency.  See Prior to Award section for additional guidance.

  • Just-In-Time/Supporting Proposal Information
  • Pre-Award Spending and Advanced Account
  • Revised Budget

Prior to Award

Just-in-Time/Supporting Proposal Information

After a proposal has been submitted a sponsor may contact the PI or SPA to submit supporting proposal information such as IRB/IACUC approvals, current and pending support, completion of sponsor specific forms, etc.  PI should forward all sponsor requests to SPA and SPA will work with PI to respond to sponsor request.

Pre-Award Spending and Advanced Account

On occasion it may be necessary to start a project and incur costs before award negotiation is completed.  If spending is necessary prior to the internal set-up of an award but expenses will fall within the period of performance of an award, then a request for an advanced account is appropriate. If spending is necessary prior to the start date of an award and expenses will fall outside the period of performance of an award, then a request for pre-award spending should be done.   To request pre-award spending or an advanced account, the following must be submitted to Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA):

  1. Email from the principal investigator (PI) requesting either pre-award spending or an advanced account.  The request must include the project number, any limits on dollar amount and/or time restrictions, and approval from the department head (chair or dean) acknowledging that the department/college will assume responsibility for any expenses not reimbursed by the sponsor.  If the department head is also the PI for the project, then approval must also be obtained from the PI's supervisor.
  2. Documentation of the sponsor's intent to fund the project.  This may be in the form of a draft agreement or an email from the sponsor.

SPA will review the request and forward approved requests to Grant and Contract Accounting.  Approval is contingent on the above criteria as well as satisfactory completion of applicable compliance requirements (IACUC, IRB, IBC, FCOI, and COI).  Submit pre-award spending and advanced account requests to SPA at

Revised Budget

If a sponsor agency determines that it intends to fund a proposal but at an amount less than what was requested in the budget, the agency may request a revised budget. If a PI is asked by a grant agency to revise a proposed budget, a new proposal transmittal form is not required. The following steps should be completed before submission of a revised budget to a sponsor agency:

  • Make a copy of the original signed proposal transmittal form (PTF)
  • Write REVISED at the top of the PTF copy in large letters
  • Attach it to the revised budget pages
  • Bring all to Sponsored Programs for re-review and final approval and signature
  • Once signed the revised budget should be submitted to the sponsor agency.

If you have questions, please contact the Budget & Program Officer, phone 231.5259 or email

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