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Invention Reporting

Once a discovery is made, take the time and effort to complete the Invention Reporting form and send it to NDSU/TTO. To protect your intellectual property, it's critical to keep results confidential until a patent application or other IP protection has been filed. This includes not presenting at seminars, displaying posters, publishing findings, discussing the details with anyone outside your research team or even presenting a thesis until the application is filed. With timely reporting of inventions to the NDSU/TTO, the NDSU/TTO will make every effort to ensure that protecting your invention does not delay your publication schedule.

Please help in the process by allowing adequate time to complete the review of your invention and then to file the appropriate patent paperwork—a minimum of several weeks would be very helpful, and reduce the costs to the university for getting the application filed.

Be sure to complete the form thoroughly and exactly, including collecting all relevant information from other inventors, getting signatures of the other inventors, listing appropriate grant numbers and agencies that may have sponsored the research, etc. Without a complete report, the NDSU/TTO may be unable to help you protect your discovery.

Why Report?

Federal granting agencies require that a researcher report any invention or discovery to his/her Technology Transfer Office (TTO) before publishing, as one of the requirements of receiving the grant. By completing the report, the inventor remains in compliance with the federal mandates.

There are other potential benefits to reporting your invention or discovery. When a discovery is deemed patentable or IP protectable, benefits could include:

  • enhanced recognition among academic peers and potential industry partners
  • increased visibility from successful patents or other IP protection may lead to added sponsored research, joint ventures or other opportunities
  • added publication opportunities resulting from the publication of the patent
  • income generation from licensing or royalties that is shared with the inventors of record, as well as the department and college that could enhance future research

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