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About the Showcase

The NDSU EXPLORE Showcase of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity took place Wednesday, November 1, 2017 in the NDSU Memorial Union. 

This annual event brings together students from all disciplines to present their research and creative work in posters, oral presentations, or in other formats. 

To learn more about the projects presented at NDSU EXPLORE, view the 2017 Program and Abstract Book.

2017 NDSU EXPLORE Award Winners

Morning Oral Presentations

First Place
Sierra Walker | Chemistry and Biochemistry
“AIF: A Universal Regulator on Cell Redox Signaling”
Advised by John C. Wilkinson

Second Place
Mitch Musel and Noah Thompson | Architecture and Landscape Architecture
“Designing Pervasive Energy Games to Impact Behavior”
Advised by Malini Srivastava and Michael Christenson

Third Place 
Noor Abdelhamid and Benjamin Dalton | Architecture and Landscape Architecture
“Energy Analysis through Visualization”
Advised by Michael Christenson and Malini Srivastava

Morning Poster Presentations

First Place
Alexandra Howatt and Isabel Krum | Sociology and Anthropology
“Healthy Women are Beautiful Women: Health and Beauty Practices at the Crystal Palace”
Advised by Kristen Fellows

Second Place
Lauren McIntosh | Health, Nutrition, and Exercise Science
“Effects of L-arginine and Exercise on Heart Rate Variability”
Advised by Kyle Hackney

Third Place (Tie)
Janell Burkart and Tammy Joe | Health, Nutrition, and Exercise Science
“Biomechanical Analysis of Hip Angles during a Back Squat with and without Kinesio® Tape”
Advised by Katie Lyman

Alexandra Sherrard | Health, Nutrition, and Exercise Science
“Physical Activity Reduces Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue in Older Adults”
Advised by Sherri Stastny

Honorable Mention
Michala Palmersheim | Biological Sciences
“Sub Lethal Effects of Neonicotinoids on the Alfalfa Leafcutter Bee (Megachile rotundata)”
Advised by Julia Bowsher

Braden Weight | Chemistry and Biochemistry
“Mixing of Covalent and Noncovalent Functionalization of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes”
Advised by Svetlana Kilina

Afternoon Oral Presentations

First Place
Nathan Johnson | Electrical and Computer Engineering
“Manipulation of Biological Matter Using Electrodeless Dielectrophoresis”
Advised by Dharmakeerthi Nawarathna

Second Place
Thomas Blommel | Physics
“Lattice Gas with Monte Carlo Collision Operator Recovers Lattice Boltzmann Method”
Advised by Alexander Wagner

Afternoon Poster Presentations

First Place
Erin Richards | Chemistry and Biochemistry
“Mec1- Independent Phosphorylation of Rpa2 N-terminus in the DNA Damage Response”
Advised by Stuart Haring

Second Place
Ryan Bares and Jesstin Krech | Mechanical Engineering
“Advanced Optical Diagnostics for Airflow Studies at NDSU”
Advised by Jordi Estevadeordal

Alexis Hoopman | Biological Sciences
“Toxicity Assessment of Glyphosate on Honey Bee (Apis meliffera) Spermatozoa”
Advised by Julia Bowsher

Third Place
Ryan Callahan | Microbiological Sciences
“Characterization of LIPI-3 Positive Listeria monocytogenes in the Upper Midwest”
Advised by Teresa Bergholz

Honorable Mention
Kathryn Bartholomay | Chemistry and Biochemistry
“Effects of Sex on the Metabolism of Flunixin in Beef Cattle”
Advised by Nancy Shappell, USDA

NDSU EXPLORE is a program to encourage and celebrate the scholarly accomplishments of NDSU undergraduate students. Whether majoring in the sciences, engineering, business, arts or humanities – all undergraduate students are encouraged to participate in research and creative activity to enrich their academic experience.     

The NDSU EXPLORE program is administered by the Office of Research Development and advised by a committee comprised of faculty from each academic college.  Feedback and ideas for further development of the program are welcome.  For questions and comments about the NDSU EXPLORE program, email

Benefits of Undergraduate Research

  • Increases student grade point averages and greater student retention
  • Assists in pathways to graduate study opportunities
  • Greater satisfaction with undergraduate experience
  • Enhanced leadership and communication skills
  • Greater understanding of science
  • Growth in creative thinking ability
  • Builds a community of scholars
  • Aids in student recruitment
  • Provides fresh approaches to research problems
  • Builds skills employers seek such as problem-solving, innovation, communication, critical thinking, analytical reasoning and collaboration

Early Career Investigator Lectures
Watch these videocast lectures by early career investigators who are working on the cutting edge of science.  Speakers give a 30-minute talk about their research to an audience of undergraduate students, followed by a 30 minute question-and-answer session, where speakers answer career-focused questions.  Access Videocasts

Annual NDSU EXPLORE Undergraduate Research Showcase

One of the most meaningful aspects of participating in undergraduate research is the opportunity to display your project to an audience.  A number of NDSU departments hold their own annual undergraduate showcase events.  See information on some of these events.

During fall semester each year, NDSU EXPLORE hosts a campus-wide event to showcase students' research and creativity.  This is an opportunity not to be missed!  Students present their creative projects in whatever format is appropriate for their work, whether in a poster, oral presentation, video, table display, etc.  Projects need not be finished; they can be in-progress.

Benefits of NDSU EXPLORE Event to Participants

  • Share research or creative work with the wider NDSU community
  • Meet others involved in one’s field
  • Gain experience presenting research or creative work
  • Meet students from other fields
  • Learn skills that could help jump start one’s future career

For information about past EXPLORE showcase events, see NDSU EXPLORE Archives.


NDSU is a member of the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) which encourages and supports undergraduate research through networking, by offering resources on their website, and by sponsoring national conferences for students, faculty and administrators.

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