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Where can you archive your data when your research is complete? [Under Construction]

Deposit to NDSU Resources

What NDSU Resources are available? [Under Construction]

  • Libraries, including the Institutional Repository (IR)
  • Information Technology (IT)

When should you archive? [Under Construction]

Data Sharing Options [Under Construction]

Example Language for Repository Use in Data Management Plan [Under Construction]

Other Data Archives

Discipline-Specific Data Repositories [Under Construction]


[Include info from ]

Search Data Repositories [Under Construction]


Elements of Effective Citation [Under Construction]

(the following is pulled from )

  1. Responsible Party (examples: study PI, sample collector, government agency)
  2. Name of Table/Map/dataset with any applicable unique IDs
  3. Name of Database/Publication/Repository
  4. Bibliographic data, such as edition, year, volume, vintage, or version
  5. Analysis software
  6. Date accessed
  7. Persistent URL (such as DOI)
  8. Parameters selected

Citation Examples [Under Construction]

[examples listed here: ]

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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