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Advanced Materials and Composites Research

Mission Statement

North Dakota State University has assembled a large, multidisciplinary team of researchers of which the Composites Research Group is focused on the development, improvement, and implementation of advanced composites sourced from both synthetic and agricultural based materials to capitalize on their respective superior specific properties and sustainability and to provide continual advancements to the knowledge base upon which further innovations may be inspired.  

Current Projects

• Center for Sustainable Materials Science (CSMS)

NDSU chemists, polymer scientists, and materials engineers developing new renewable based monomers, polymers, and composites that are structural and recyclable

Website: CSMS

• Center for Biobased Materials Science and Technology (BiMAT)

Public-private partnership projects on the development, synthesis, and pre-production manufacturing of materials (polymers and composites) using raw materials derived from natural sources

• Sensing Earth Environment Directly (SEED) Sensor

Development of biodegradable electronic sensors for measuring soil conditions

• AGCO Corporation

Integration of composite materials into agricultural sprayer booms for lightweighting and improving corrosion resistance

• Hunt-Lite Treestands

Development of a light weight carbon fiber tree stand

• Kingetics

Development of an advanced composite spring orthodic insole

• Temperature effects on fatigue and impact behaviors of adhesively-bonded dissimilar materials
• Long-term behavior prediction of natural fiber-reinforced composites
• Characterization of flax fiber engineering properties
• Development of a total ankle replacement
• Development of standard test methods for flax fibers
• Recycling of 3D printing waste into filament

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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