Incoming First-Year Students

Welcome home to Residence Life! After you have been formally admitted to NDSU, your next step is to apply for on-campus housing. You are encouraged to submit your housing application after admission to NDSU even if you have not made your final college choice at this time. (Applying for housing does not formally commit you to NDSU.) 

Fall 2023 Applications

Step One - Claim your N.D. University System Account

In order to apply for housing, you must use your claimed N.D. University (NDUS) system account. Not sure if you have claimed your NDUS account? Click on the link to verify:

Step Two - Apply for Housing
  • After claiming your N.D. University System account, use it to log into the NDSU housing portal within Campus Connection.
  • Please do not use an iPad to apply. Make sure your browser is set to accept pop-ups during the application process.
Step Three - Roommate Selection

Learn all the ways you can find or select a roommate.

Step Four - Room Selection

In March, you will participate in an online room selection process where you will select your residence hall and room. Priority is assigned based on your housing application date, so the sooner you apply for housing, the more likely you are to choose the hall and room of your choice! Detailed information about this process will be available in January.

Step Five - Check out the NDSU Learning Communities

As you decide where you want to live on campus, don't forget to check out the Learning Communities. Learning Communities are simply groups of students who live together in our high rises and develop tight-knit friendships through shared academic or personal goals. Each community is different, but all offer the opportunity to make fast friends, attend a ton of activities and events, while helping you achieve goals important to you. 

Residence Life Timeline

OCTOBER 3, 2022  |  Housing Applications Become Available You are encouraged to submit your housing application after admission to NDSU even if you have not made your final college choice at this time (applying for housing does not formally commit you to NDSU). 

DECEMBER 5, 2022  |  Access to MyCollegeRoomie Begins Whether you know who you want to room with, or you want to find someone new, MyCollegeRoomie will help you match up! You will get an email invite sent to your NDSU email to participate.

FEBRUARY 24, 2023  |  Learning Community Deadlines Approaching Learning communities are a great way to live with others who have similar goals and interests. Learn more and apply!

MARCH 13-31, 2023  |  Room Selection Process NDSU’s room self-selection process puts you in the driver’s seat. You pick your hall and your room!

APRIL TO AUGUST 2023  |  Room AssignmentsIf you missed the room selection process in March, don't worry! We will assign you a space and you will receive an email when your assignment has been made.

Terms and Conditions 

Residence Hall Agreement: 2023-2024 Terms and Conditions

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