Congratulations on your admission to NDSU! We would like to welcome you home to NDSU and Residence Life! One of the first steps you need to do after admission, is to apply for on-campus housing. You are encouraged to submit your housing application after admission to NDSU even if you have not made your final college choice at this time (applying for housing does not formally commit you to NDSU). 

Step One - Claim System ID

In order to apply for housing, you must use your claimed System ID.  Not sure if you have claimed your new System ID? Click on the link to verify:

Step Two - Apply for Housing
  • After claiming/verifying your System ID, use your North Dakota University System credentials to log into your housing portal.  
  • Please do not use an iPad to apply. Make sure your browser is set to accept pop-ups during the application process.
Step Three - Roommate Selection

Learn all the ways you can find or select a roommate.

Step Four - Room Self-Selection

In March, you will participate in an online self-selection process where you will select your residence hall and room. Priority is assigned based on your housing application date, so the sooner you apply for housing, the more likely you are to choose the hall and room of your choice! Detailed information about this process will be available in January.

Room Self-Selection

Step Five - Check out the NDSU Learning Communities

As you decide where you want to live on campus, don't forget to check out the Learning Communities. Learning Communities are simply groups of students who live together in our high rises and develop tight-knit friendships through shared academic or personal goals. Each community is different, but all offer the opportunity to make fast friends, attend a ton of activities and events, while helping you achieve goals important to you. 

Learning Communities

Important Notes
  • You must be admitted to NDSU prior to applying for housing.
  • All first-year students are guaranteed housing through the Department of Residence Life.
The Res Life Experience 
Terms and Conditions 

For reference, the NDSU Residence Hall License Agreements, including terms and conditions, are below. 

2020-2021 Academic Year Terms and Conditions

2021-2022 Academic Year Terms and Conditions

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