Welcome home to NDSU Residence Life. If you will be a freshman next fall (2020-2021 academic year), this information is for you!

Remember, the sooner you apply for housing, the better your chances are to get the hall and room of your choice! Priority in the self-selection process is determined by application date! Apply by March 2, 2020 and you get to participate in the room self-selection process!

Process Guidelines and Instructions

Roommate Information

There are three ways you can be matched up with a roommate. Click here to view that information.

If you have matched yourself with a roommate, only one of you will need to participate in the room selection process. The person with the earliest designated room selection time will select the space, and will be able to assign everyone in the roommate group.

Please view numbers 5 - 12 in our FAQs (below) for more information regarding roommates.

Designated Room Selection Time

The room self-selection process will take place March 16-20, 2020. More than 1,500 students will be participating, and each one will be given a specific start time, after which they will be able to log in and participate.

Your room selection time will be available to view by March 12. To view this, log into Campus Connection, select Self Service, then On-Campus Housing—it will be listed on the main page. Times are listed in CST. You will also receive an email prior to the 12th, notifying you of your self-selection time. 

Note that you do not have to select your space at the exact time you are given; it is simply the earliest time you will be able to login and participate. The longer you wait, however, the fewer options may be available. Selection times are determined by the date housing applications are received. If you do not select your space by April 1, your space will be assigned to you by Residence Life.

Please view numbers 1 - 4 in our FAQs below for more information regarding selection times. 

Hall and Room Selection Process

Once your designated room selection time arrives, log in to Campus Connection, select Self Service, then On-Campus Housing and follow the prompts until you can click “Select a Room/Suite.” Search available halls and assign yourself (and roommate(s), if applicable) to the room of your choice. View the instructional video below for step-by-step instructions and screen shots. 

Please view numbers 14-21 in our FAQs below for more information regarding the process of selecting your room, and click here to view first-year student room facts important for room sign-up. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I find out my selection time? By March 12, your room selection date and time will be listed online.  Log into Campus Connection, select Self Service, then On Campus Housing.  Your room selection date and time will be listed partway down the main page.

  2. How is my room selection time determined? Students who will be participating in the selection process will be placed in order, based on the date/time their housing application was submitted.  (As a point of reference, the first Fall 2020 housing application was submitted on October 7 at 12:05 AM.  Approximately 1,500 applications will be submitted.) The first selection start time will be Monday, March 16 at 7:45 AM, with one start time each minute thereafter, until 3:45 PM.  The same schedule (start times between 7:45 and 3:45) will be in place for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday that week.  In other words, the first 480 people who submitted a housing application will have a start time on Monday. The first will be 7:45 AM, the second 7:46, the third 7:47, etc.  On Tuesday, the next 480 people will have selection start times, with the first at 7:45 AM.

  3. What if I am not available to select a room at my assigned time? Remember, you may select your room any timeafter* your designated time arrives.  If you are in class, at practice, at work, etc. when your designated time arrives, you may make your selection later in the day (or later in the week).  It is important to remember, though, that the longer you wait to select your room, the fewer options you will have. *Please note that if you do not self-select your space by Tuesday, April 1, Residence Life will assign a space for you.

  4. Why are the room selection times during the day, rather than at night? I have school, work, practice, vacation, etc. during that time. The room selection schedule was chosen in order to give Residence Life staff the best opportunity to assist with any questions or concerns that may arise. By having selection times that begin after the work day has started and before the work day ends, we can have staff available to answer phone calls or emails as needed. Additionally, whether the selection times were during the day, at night, or over the weekend, it would be impossible to find a convenient time for all 1500 students. By offering daytime/weekday hours, we will have the best opportunity to provide needed customer service.

  5. If I am matched with a roommate, can he/she select my room for me? When two or more students are matched as roommates, only one person will select the hall and room for the pair/group.  It is a good idea to have the person with the earliest start time be the one to log in and make the selection, as the longer a pair/group waits, the fewer the spaces will be available. Remember that you must be officially matched up with your roommate/s to be able to select their space. 

  6. If I am matched with a roommate, will I only see rooms where 2 spaces are available? Yes, you will only see spaces that accommodate the amount of people in your group.

  7. I have selected the three other people I want to live with in a suite. Why don’t I see any options to select? If there are no spaces to accommodate 4 people, then nothing will show. You will have to drop one or more of your roommates to view open spaces.

  8. If I did not match myself up with a roommate, when will I get one? More than half of our first-year students room with someone new! Your roommate's assignment could happen at various times. A person could select your room during the room self-selection process, which is March 16-20. Or you could get a roommate assigned much later in the spring or summer. Note that you will not receive an email notifying you that someone has selected your space, so keep checking back on Campus Connection to see if you have a roommate.

  9. I sent a request to room with my friend via MyCollegeRoomie. Is that all I need to do to be matched? Yes, but your friend needs to accept that request. Then one of you, whichever has the earliest designated start time, will select your room.

  10. Can I select a room with a current student? It is a possibility. Contact Jason Medders at Jason.Medders@ndsu.edu to learn more.  

  11. I identify as part of the LGBTQ community. How do I make sure I select a safe space to live? Residence Life is committed to providing a safe, inclusive and welcoming living environment for all students. For our LGBTQ community and allies, we provide a roommate matching program that ensures a supportive roommate. Learn more here. If you complete the form, we will reach out to you personally to help select your space. 

  12. I am searching for spaces right now, and see that one space in the room is occupied. How can I find out who is in there? You will not be able to see the student’s name or contact information until you have selected the space. Likewise, if you select a room, other people searching will only see that one space of the double room has been filled, but will not know your information unless they choose to live in that space.

  13. Why am I not able to participate in the room self-selection process? If you did not apply for housing by March 2, 2020, you are not eligible for the first round of room selection happening March 16-20. Instead, you will participate in the second round on March 23-31. If you apply for housing on April 1 or after, you will be assigned a room by Residence Life.

  14. Why can’t I see any available spaces in my hall of choice? If you are unable to find any rooms in your preferred hall, it is because one of two things has happened. Either there are no more bed spaces available, or the number of spaces available is not sufficient to accommodate your roommate pairing/group. For example, if you are planning to be roommates with another person, the system will only show rooms that have at least two available beds. If the remaining rooms in your preferred hall only have one bed available, you will not see them unless you drop your roommate.  At that time, if there are any rooms with an unoccupied bed, they will be visible for selection. However, you will not be able to assign your just-dropped roommate; you will only be able to assign yourself.

  15. I selected a room, but now I changed my mind – can I go back in and make changes? You cannot go back in and make a change. Please contact Jason.Medders@ndsu.edu for more information.

  16. I want to be part of a learning community. Do I participate in the room self-selection process? Students who qualify for a learning community will be notified by March 9, 2020 and will be assigned a space by Residence Life. Those who are not selected due to lack of eligibility or lack of space, will also be notified via email by March 9, and will be asked to participate in the room self-selection process.

  17. What if I am in a learning community, or an athlete, or I need an ADA space? Those in the categories listed will not participate in the room selection process for first year students. Those who are invited to live in a learning community will be assigned to that location by Residence Life staff. Athletes will also be assigned by Residence Life, in consultation with coaches. Students needing ADA accommodations should work with staff in Disability Services (701.231.8463). Staff in that office will notify Residence Life of the needed accommodation, and an appropriate assignment will be made.

  18. What is the best hall to select? Every hall has its own unique features and amenities that make it “the best.” And usually, students who live in Burgum, think Burgum is the best. Students who live in Stockbridge, think Stockbridge is the best. And so on. Every hall will offer an amazing first-year living experience. Click here to view some fun facts regarding our first-year student rooms.

  19. Where can I see the building floor plan, or an example of a room? Floor plans, room photos and more can all be found on each hall’s individual page on Residence Life’s website. During the room self-selection process, a hyperlink located above the first room on each floor will also provide a picture of floor plans and room examples (see example here). 

  20. How can I find out more about each building? Visit the Residence Life website for descriptions of each building, photos, room diagrams, and more.

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