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Myth Buster

One of the biggest myths among students is that off-campus living is cheaper than living on campus. Here we break it down and give you all the information to help you make the right decision for next year.

Can you find cheaper places to live than NDSU residence halls or apartments? Heck yeah you can. Can you find cheaper units, with the same amenities, quality, security, and variety? No. Take a look at some of the leading off-campus apartment providers compared to NDSU. Each offer close-to-NDSU locations, with similar amenities and building features, but NDSU beats all of the competition.

Apartment Cost Comparisons

What about Residence Halls? 
From our low-rise doubles to the MLLC studios, the prices range from $465 - $543 per month, over 9 months. This price INCLUDES internet, cable (with free streaming and DVR on any device), RHA Cinema, laundry, electricity, garbage and recycling, and bathroom cleaning! 

What is your time worth?
Not only is on-campus living easier on your wallet, our on-campus convenience is also easier on your schedule. Fifteen minutes away from campus seems like nothing, until that 15 minutes is actually 25 with the 10 minute walk from T-lot. Until that 25 minutes turns into 40 with crappy winter traffic… x 2 for a round trip… x 2 again because you start going home during lunch because you have a class in the morning, then at three in the afternoon. How much is your time worth? And don’t forget: gas. costs. money. How often are you going to skip class because you don’t feel like driving to campus—how much did that class cost? How easy will it be to start eating out more often while driving back and forth—how much will that add up? What about hidden fees—what are they trying to hide until after you sign the lease? 

Here are a few other things to consider and ask when pricing out options:

What is included in the price? NDSU offers all-inclusive pricing, meaning you don’t pay for rent PLUS cable, internet, electricity, water/sewer/garbage, etc. With off-campus options, some or all of these may not be included.

What type of security do they offer? With campus police coverage, keycard access, security cameras and regular building safety inspections, NDSU cannot be beat in this area, and you shouldn’t settle for less. Most off-campus options lack most, if not all, of these security measures.

Is the listed price per person or per unit? This one is super sneaky, and one of our closest off-campus competitors is guilty of it. That two bedroom apartment listed for $645/month is per person, making the off-campus unit $1,250/month. That’s pretty spendy. At NDSU, our prices are listed per unit. 

How much is due upon signing? At most locations, you need to provide first month’s rent, last month’s rent, a security deposit, and an application fee. That can run upward of $2,500. At NDSU, you only need $200 for apartments – which is fully refundable AND it goes directly toward your first month’s rent when you move in. For residence halls, it's only $100.

How long is the lease, and can you cancel? At most locations, you are locked in for six to 12 months, and the six month lease is usually more expensive. At NDSU, you can lease an apartment as short as four months or as long as you like. Residence Halls are for the academic year. Additionally, you can get out of either contract for school-involvement purposes (co-op, internship, etc).

How does management, staffing and maintenance work? NDSU apartments and residence halls have an entire Residence Life department to help ensure you have a positive and successful living experience with us. We have on-site staff who are dedicated to your academic and personal success, on-site custodians who take pride in their buildings, and facilities management folks who can take care of most building needs that same day! We not only answer the phone when you call, we care about you and make sure any concerns are addressed immediately. Off-campus options typically have far fewer staff to help meet your needs.

Do your homework, make the comparisons, and apply to live on campus! #LiveWithTheHerd #LiveOnCampus 

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