Covid-19 Preparedness in Residence Life

Residence Life is implementing precautions that will help mitigate the risk of covid-19.  #ProtectTheHerd

Quarantine and Isolation Process

In the case of becoming symptomatic, exposure to someone who tests positive, or having a positive test, the following guidelines and processes have been developed. 

Quarantine and Isolation FAQs

Overall Quarantine Process
  1. If you are identified as a close contact, you will be notified via the Health Department and will also receive an email from NDSU Residence Life. If you have received notification from an entity outside of ND, and have not been contacted by Residence Life, please complete the COVID-19 Student Reporting Form.

  2. Within the email from Residence Life, you will be told:
    • You need to quarantine
    • Why you need to quarantine
    • To complete the COVID Housing and Meals Quarantine Form
    • To review the Quarantine Housing Guide

  3. Students complete COVID Housing and Meals Quarantine Form
    • After completion of that form, you will receive a confirmation email.

      If the form is completed before 12:00pm, you will be included in meal deliveries that begin at 1pm (actual delivery time is dependent on total number of deliveries).

      If the form is completed between 12:01pm – 5:00pm, you will be included in meal deliveries that begin at 6pm.

      If the form is completed after 5:01pm, your RA or Hall Director will deliver a “hold-me-over” meal kit that includes a variety of shelf-stable meal and snack options, plus beverages; your first meal delivery will begin at 1pm the following day. 

  4. Meal Delivery
    • Upon arrival at your door, our team will knock and say, “NDSU Dining.” You will also receive a notification email. Feel free to acknowledge us through the door, but help us mitigate the risk of COVID-19 by not opening the door right away.

Meal Delivery Details

Overall Isolation Process
  1. If you test positive for COVID-19, you will receive two emails from Residence Life. If you are notified by a state or medical official outside of ND, please report via the COVID-19 Student Reporting Form.

  2. Within emails from Residence Life, you will be given the following:
    1. Isolation Assignment Information (Hall and Room Number)
    2. Housing and Meals Information
      • COVID Housing and Meals Quarantine Form

  3. Once you move into isolation, you will receive daily check-ins from Residence Life team members and have the ability to get food from the community kitchen. 

 Community Kitchen Details


Dining Quarantine and Isolation | 701.371.8176

Dining Quarantine/Isolation  

Quarantine Meal Cancelation  

Virtual Connection Events for Students in Quarantine or Isolation

Isolation Housing Guide

Quarantine Housing Guide

Quarantine and Isolation FAQs

NDSU COVID-19 Student Reporting Form

Other Residence Life Precautions

Face Coverings 

  • Students, faculty, staff and visitors are required to wear face coverings over their mouth and nose, both indoors and outdoors, while on the NDSU campus. Indoors includes all common areas and public spaces (classrooms, residence halls, lounges, shared/public office spaces, etc.) when even in passing, 6ft physical distancing cannot be maintained.  When outdoors, if 6ft distancing can be maintained, you are encouraged but not required to wear a face covering. To review this information in full, 

Shared Spaces (lounges, lobbies, study spaces, etc)

  • Increased hand sanitation stations
  • Disinfectant wipes and spray available
  • Increased cleaning and disinfecting by custodial team
  • Seating reduced and rearranged to comply with social distancing guidelines, along with listed occupancy limitations 
  • Disinfecting of items available for checkout in the hall offices

Residence Hall Staff

  • COVID-19 training for professional and student staff
  • Professional staff are required to take daily temperature checks before coming to work 
  • Face coverings will be required by all staff when a 6-foot distance cannot be maintained

Student Events

  • All activities will adhere to state guidelines and/or will utilize video conferencing 
  • NDSU Residence Hall Association (RHA) provides a ton of virtual events for students in quarantine or isolation. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram! NDSU's Campus Attractions is also a great resource for virtual events.

Page updated 9/11/2020

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