Covid-19 Preparedness in Residence Life

Spring 2022

Quarantine and Isolation Process

In the case of becoming symptomatic, exposure to someone who tests positive, or having a positive test, the following guidelines and processes have been developed. Students who choose not to follow these processes will be required to leave campus until their quarantine or isolation periods are completed.

Quarantine & Isolation FAQs

Overall Quarantine Process

*NOTE: If you are vacinated, you do not need to quarantine. If you receive email communication from Residence Life asking you to quarantine, please reply and let us know you are vaccinated.*

  1. If you are identified as a close contact, you will be notified via the Health Department and will also receive an email from NDSU Residence Life. If you have received notification from an entity outside of ND, and have not been contacted by Residence Life, please complete the COVID-19 Student Reporting Form.
  2. Within the email from Residence Life, you will receive information on the following:
    • Why you are being asked to quarantine
    • Information about your meal plan and how to eat on campus
    • TheQuarantine Housing Guide
Overall Isolation Process
  1. If you test positive for COVID-19, you will receive two emails from Residence Life. If you are notified by a state or medical official outside of ND, please report via the COVID-19 Student Reporting Form.
  2. Within emails from Residence Life, you will be given the following:
    1. Isolation Assignment Information (Hall and Room Number)
    2. Housing and Meals Information
      • COVID Housing and Meals Quarantine Form
  3. Once you move into isolation, you will receive daily check-ins from Residence Life team members and have the ability to get food from a community kitchen/pantry area. 
If you live in an NDSU apartment or off campus: 

NDSU Apartments

  • Students on a 5- or 7-day meal plan will receive delivered meals from NDSU Dining Services. Meals will be delivered once daily. Learn more at NDSU Dining.
  • Students will receive a periodic wellness check from a Residence Life staff member.

Off Campus Housing

  • Students on a 5- or 7-day meal plan will receive delivered meals. A 3-day supply will be delivered until their quarantine or isolation is complete. Learn more at NDSU Dining

Dining Quarantine and Isolation | 701.371.8176

Dining Quarantine/Isolation

Isolation Housing Guide

Quarantine Housing Guide

Quarantine and Isolation FAQs

NDSU COVID-19 Student Reporting Form

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