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Ally Contacts

As described by the NDSU Safe Zone website (link to an ally is thought to be a member of the majority group who works to end oppression in their personal and professional life through support of and as advocates for an oppressed group.

In Residence Life, we strive to be allies and advocates. The following list is our current staff who are Safe Zone Allies.

(SZA = Safe Zone Ally; TGA =Transgender Ally; Upstander = Upstander Ally, Ally has completed advanced training)

Name Position Email Phone Ally Level
Anna Thomas Complex Manager - Niskanen Bldg 1 701-231-3617 SZA
Becky Bahe Associate Director for Residence Life 701-231-6255 SZA, TGA
Bill Frazier Senior Associate Director of Residence Life Facilities 701-231-8446 SZA, TGA
Bre Sinner Seim Hall Director 701-231-3235 SZA, TGA
Carol Jergenson Assistant Director for Residential Education 701-231-5603 SZA, TGA, Upstander
Chelsee Rohmiller Pavek Hall Director 701-231-3233 SZA, TGA
Dani Gutierrez Reed/Johnson Hall Director 701-231-3239 SZA, TGA
Darcie Ellertson Dinan Hall Director 701-231-3232 SZA, TGA, Upstander
Eric Gorecki Sevrinson Hall Director 701-231-3238 SZA, TGA, Upstander
Jaci Curtis Mathew Living Learning Center Hall Director 701-231-3221 SZA, TGA
Kay Hopkins Sevrinson Hall Faculty Mentor 701-231-8826 SZA, TGA, Upstander
Kristie Jacobsen-Jerde Assistant Director of Outreach and Assessment 701-231-6306 SZA
Linda Fricker Thompson Hall Faculty Mentor 701-231-9763 SZA, TGA
Liz Hanley Weible Hall Director 701-231-3240 SZA, TGA
Maria Buchholz Complex Manager - Bison Court 701-231-4421 SZA
Megan Paradis Thompson Hall Director 701-231-3237 SZA, TGA, Upstander
Michelle Sailor Niskanen Hall Director 701-231-4390 SZA, TGA
Rian Nostrum Director of Residence Life 701-231-7890 SZA, TGA
Ruben Flores Complex Manager - University Village 701-231-4194 SZA
Ryan Brinkman Churchill Hall Director 701-231-3236 SZA, TGA, Upstander
Shalyn Hopley Burgum Hall Director 701-231-3231 SZA, TGA, Upstander
Tyler Perkins Stockbridge Hall Director 701-231-3234 SZA, TGA, Upstander


A full list of Allies at NDSU can be found at 

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