Better Bison Initiatives

Better Bison Initiatives are items implemented within the Department of Residence Life focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion. The overarching focus is to set a foundation of genuine inclusion of minority student/staff populations and engrain the practice of inclusion, equity and diversity into our everyday culture. 

Current Initiatives in Action: 
  • Diversity Initiative Leaders (DIL)
  • Roommate Bill of Rights and Roommate Success Plan
  • RA interviews have questions printed and available for students to read
  • Cultural Competence Curriculum Committee
    • Professional Staff Development
    • Student staff Development
  • Major Minorities in Residence Life (MMRL)
  • Converting Bathrooms On-Campus to Gender Neutral Spaces
  • Traditional, Spiritual and Cultural Ceremonies in Residence Halls and NDSU Apartments
  • Smudging event at Welcome Week
  • LGBTQ Roommate Matching
  • Professional Staff Diversity Book Club
  • RA Training sessions - planned through lens of diversity/inclusions
    • Safe Zone Training
  • Green Bandana Training
  • On-going assessment of sense of belonging with students
  • Positions descriptions include demonstration for inclusion efforts to diversity, social justice, and inclusion efforts.  (hiring practice)
  • Land acknowledgement for large scale meetings / trainings / conferences
Work in Progress:
  • Intercultural Learning Community (ILC) - learning community
  • Identity Development - Residence Life Experience
  • Ongoing professional development dedicated to inclusion and social justice
    • Dedicated time to normalize this practice
    • Build in conversations - welcome conversations to discuss topics of inclusion
  • Crisis book - plan of action in the event of a hate crime 
  • Continue to meet with University Police - how to interact and support all our students on campus
  • Assessment include demographics to see how certain student populations are being impacted
  • Critical Race theory or Identity theory to support our students
  • Pro staff directory / network minority students to talk to
  • Establish a committee of HDs and Directors Team that meet regularly to uphold the Values statement and continue to work to improve our on-campus community

Carol Jergenson, Assistant Director of Residential Education  |  (701) 231-5603


Logan Staton, Seim Hall Director  |  (701) 231-3235

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