NRHH Exec Board Contact Information

Greta Rehder
NRHH President 
Major/Minor: Marketing 
I joined NRHH to create connections with students, faculty and staff while representing NRHH/RHA in a positive light!

Carson Markovic (he/him/his) 

NRHH Vice President  
Major/Minor: Major - Microbiology, Minor - Chemistry, pre-MPH
I joined NRHH because I wanted to be involved on campus and meet new people! Our values of service, recognition, and leadership are rooted in how we serve the NDSU community and the Fargo-Moorhead area. I know I am making a difference by being involved in a leadership honorary like NRHH!

Molly Puhrmann

NRHH Director of Recognition and Alumni  
Major/Minor: Major: Management Communication & Minor: Business Administration
I joined NRHH to expand my leadership abilities and serve those in the Fargo community. I am thrilled to be able to recognize the creativity, dedication, and hard work of those who make NDSU great!

LeeCorissa Shefelbine

NRHH Director of Service and Events  
Major/Minor: Biological Sciences
I joined NRHH because it seemed like a fun and interesting way to get involved on campus. I went to a few meetings to see if I’d like it, and I ended up loving it! Since joining, I’ve made so many new friends and have had a lot of great experiences! NRHH is a great way to grow leadership skills, have an impact on the community, and make connections on and around campus!

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