NRHH and Exec Board Contact Information

The National Residence Hall Honorary shares an office with the Residence Hall Association in Cater Hall. Our phone number is 701-231-2239. If you need direct assistance from an NRHH member, please email a member of the NRHH Executive Board.

President: Brandi Pikal,  

Vice President: Audrey Wentz,  

  • Major/Minor: Accounting Management; Management Communication
  • Why I joined NRHH: I wanted the opportunity to continue being a leader while serving the community.

Administrative Director: Ethan Couser, 

  • Major: Electrical Engineering 
  • Why I joined NRHH: I joined NRHH to pursue recognition and service at the campus, regional, and national levels.

Recognition Chair: Kate Byron,  

  • Major/Minor: Strategic Communications/Business Administration
  • Why I joined NRHH: I joined NRHH to get involved on campus and to gain more leadership skills.

Events Chair: MacKenzie Teigen,  

  • Major/Minor: Biological Science Education / Biology. Minor in Botany
  • Why I joined NRHH: I joined because I was able to have a connection to on campus leadership and service.

Service Chair: Vacant 

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