NDSUTV: Not your parent’s cable provider. 

NDSU is now streaming NDSUTV to your residence hall/apartment and your smart devices so you can watch your favorite shows ANYTIME, ANYWHERE on campus. 

Two ways to access your favorite shows when you live on campus. 

Option 1: Watch live TV in your room

Cost: FREE

Every room has access to over 100 HD channels (NEW! Now offering Showtime Anytime! See below!). Just make sure your TV has a QAM tuner and you can plug-and-play as soon as you move in.  

Option 2: Stream it from ANYWHERE

Cost: FREE

Download the free Apogee Stream2 app and watch in your room or on the go. Enjoy 20 hours of personal DVR/recording, a custom channel lineup, and more! You can also access it from your browser: https://webplayer.mystream2.com/

Assistance / Help

If you need assistance connecting your device to the app, Stream2 Support Representative is available 24/7 to assist you via phone or chat. NDSU would love to help you but we can't assist with this version since it's supported by a third party.

Call 833-548-0083 | Chat  mycampusvideo.com 

Showtime Anytime

NDSUTV now offers Showtime Anytime!
1.    Go to showtimeanytime.com or download the Showtime Anytime App
2.    Select “Sign In” from the top right corner
3.    Select "See All Providers" and then select “Apogee” from the list 
4.    Enter your institution’s name and click “Log In to Showtime Anytime”
5.    Enter your College/University credentials
Note: The first time you log in, create a profile for yourself.

Campus Life Channel | Advertisements Submission

NDSU clubs and organizations can submit event advertisements to be featured on the Campus Life Channel. 

Submission Guidelines  Submission Form 

If you have questions please contact Anna Rustad at anna.rustad@ndsu.edu.  

Live TV in your Room | Setup

Your room is ready for you to set up NDSUTV when you move in. In order to receive the full lineup of channels, your TV must be equipped with a QAM Tuner. For most TVs, after you hook it up, simply open the TV menu and run a channel search to access your channels. University Village Residents can access the Stream2 app, but must be connected to the NDSU network on campus. 

Channel Lineup 

Stream NDSUTV | Setup

Download Stream2 to start enjoying the following features: 

  • Watch your shows on-the-go AND with your streaming device in your room.
  • Over 100 HD channels streamed directly to your smart TV, tablet and phone.
  • 20 hours of personal DVR/recording storage.
  • Forget to record something? Rewind to the show you missed with 24-hours of auto record.
  • Customize your mobile channels. Watch only what you want, when you want.
Recommend/Compatible Devices

The first step is to make sure you are using a compatible device. The enhanced version of NDSUTV is powered by the Stream2 App and is compatible with the following devices anywhere on campus*.

  • Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • Apple AirPlay
  • Android Phone and Tablet: Search Apogee Stream2
  • iPhone and iPad: Search Stream2
  • Roku: Search Apogee

Not Supported: Google ChromeCast, Chromebooks and Visio SmartCasts

*When you're not on campus, your content will continue to record but you will need to be on campus to watch.

Download the Stream2 App

After you make sure your device is compatible (based on finding it via search in directions above), you will need to download the app from your app store. You can find it by searching 'Stream2' as noted above or click on the app store links below:



 Computers, Phones & Tablets

  1. When you have downloaded the Stream2 app on your computer, phone or tablet, you will be prompted to select ‘North Dakota State University' as your institution.
  2. You will then be asked to login. The username and password will be the SAME as your NDSU credentials.

Streaming Devices

  1. When you first open Stream2 app on a streaming device (Roku, Fire TV Stick or Apple TV), you will be presented an activation code and link to sign in using your web browser. (Make sure streaming device is compatible, directions above)
  2. When you click the link, you will be prompted to select 'North Dakota State University' as your institution.
  3. Login with your NDSU credentials
  4. Submit the activation code
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