Updated 7/31/20

We are so excited to welcome you to campus this fall! As details are confirmed, this web page will continue to be updated. 

Please continue to check back, and follow @NDSUResLife on Facebook and Instagram for the most up-to-date information!

NDSU Move In

In order to facilitate and maintain a safe move-in process, students will sign up for a specific arrival time slot. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY for more information.

Students will select ONE of the TWO options:

  1. Early Drop Off: Students can drop off belongings during a scheduled arrival time slot between Monday, August 3 and Friday, August 7, leave, and then return anytime between 8am and noon on Saturday, August 22 to begin living on campus.
  2. Move in Days: Students can move in at a scheduled arrival time slot between Thursday, August 20 and Saturday, August 22, and begin living on campus. 

If you are a member of a campus group that requires early move-in (Band, Athletics, International Students, Employees in Memorial Union/Wallman Wellness Center/ITS/Dining, etc.), do NOT sign up for early drop off or move-in days. Please connect with your group sponsor/coach/supervisor and come on the designated date and time for your specific group. 

Early Drop Off: 

Drop off your things early, and return to campus on August 22 to officially move in.
From August 3 through 7, each residence hall will have specific arrival time slots for students to select for early drop off. In order to maintain social distancing guidelines, please make every effort to arrive within your selected time. Unloading and parking directions will be released in late July. 

Upon arrival at the residence hall, students should proceed to the hall office to receive their room key and check-in paperwork. If you do not already have your building access key (NDSU Student ID), it will be provided when you return to campus on August 22.

During early drop off you are free to either drop your stuff and leave, or unpack your belongings completely. When you’re finished, simply lock your room door and be out of the building by 5pm. Those who drop off their belongings August 3-7 may return to campus to move in on Saturday, August 22 (anytime between 8am and noon) and begin living on campus. Welcome Week activities will begin on Saturday, August 22 at 4pm. 

Please note: Students in the MLLCs cannot participate in early drop off. 

Please see FAQs below for more information. 

Move-In Days:

Move into your hall August 20, 21, or 22, and immediately start living on campus.
During these three days, each residence hall will have designated arrival time slots for move-in. In order to maintain social distancing guidelines, please make every effort to arrive within your selected time. Unloading and parking directions will be released in late July.

Upon arrival at the residence hall, students should proceed to the designated location in the hall to receive a room key, student ID (which also acts as a building access key) and check-in paperwork. This is typically the hall office, but posted signage will confirm and offer additional instructions. Students may then move in their belongings and begin their on-campus experience. Although Welcome Week officially begins at 4pm on August 22, NDSU will be coordinating events and activities for students who move in the 20th and 21st. Meal plans will also be active at 8am on the 20th! 

See FAQs below for more information.

Schedule Your Early Drop Off or Move-In Day

Click on your residence hall’s link below to schedule your Early Drop Off or Move-In Day arrival time (select ONE time only): 

BurgumDinanChurchillStockbridgeReed/JohnsonWeibleSeimSevrinsonThompsonPavekCaterNiskanen | MLLC*

*Early Drop Off is not available for MLLC

  1. Do I need to wear a face covering?
    • Yes. On July 31, NDSU modified its guidelines on face coverings: "Students, faculty, staff and visitors must on a general basis when around others, wear face coverings over their mouth and nose, both indoors and outdoors, while on the NDSU campus. Indoors includes all common areas and public spaces (classrooms, residence halls, lounges, shared/public office spaces, etc.) when even in passing, 6ft physical distancing cannot be maintained. When outdoors, if 6ft distancing can be maintained, you are encouraged but not required to wear a face covering," NDSU President Dean Bresciani. To review this information in full, visit https://www.ndsu.edu/admission/risk_reduction_guidelines. 
  2. How many people can I bring with me?
    • To reduce crowding, please bring no more than two others; and please leave pets at home.
  3. Where do I unload and park?
    • Each hall will have specific unloading and parking areas. This information will be emailed in late July, posted to our social media, and updated on our driving directions web page. During early drop off or during move in, residence hall lots will not be ticketed (even without a parking pass).
  4. When will I get my parking pass?
    • For those who have not already received their parking pass in the mail, parking passes will be distributed to students on August 22. During early drop off or move in, you will not be ticketed in any residence hall lot (even without a parking pass). If you haven't ordered your parking pass, you can purchase them online. 
  5. If I drop my things off early (August 3-7), when will I have access to the building again? 
    • During early drop-off, the buildings will be unlocked from 8am – 5pm, with doors propped open for ease of entry. Once the external doors lock at 5pm, you will no longer have access to the building. Your building access key will be provided when you return to campus between 8 AM and noon on Saturday, August 22.
  6. During the early drop off week, am I expected to drop my stuff and go, or should I unpack and fully move in?
    • It is totally up to you! Just make sure you are out of the building by 5pm on the day you are doing early drop off, and that you are fully set up and ready to begin Welcome Week activities by 4pm on Saturday, August 22.
  7. If I do early drop off, what do I do on August 22?
    • You can return to your residence hall at any time between 8am and noon. Once you arrive, park in your designated parking lot and check in at the hall. Let staff know you already moved in early, but just need your ID card!
  8. What if I’m renting a loft?
    • If you participate in early drop off, please rent your loft by July 31. This will ensure it is fully assembled in your room prior to your arrival Aug 3 - 7. All other loft rentals need to be placed by August 14 to guarantee assembly by August 20-22.
  9. Will there be a move-in crew?
    • Staff and volunteers will be on site to help answer questions and point you in the right direction, but we will not be providing help to move belongings in order to avoid close contact with personal items. Remember to keep someone with your belongings at all times, as we are not responsible for lost or stolen items. 
  10. When will I get my student ID, if I don’t have it already?
    • If you move in August 3 – 7, you will get it when you return on August 22.
    • If you move in as part of a designated early arrival group (band, athletics, etc.) you will receive it upon arrival.
    • If you move in August 20 – 22, you will get it upon check-in.
  11. Should I move in at the same time as my roommate, or not?
    • That is up to you! It may be better to have different times, so you have more space for your crew during move-in.
  12. What if I’m late for my time slot?
    • Just get here as close as you can within your selected time slot.
  13. What if I need to change or cancel my time?
  14. What are you doing to keep us safe during move-in?
    • The biggest thing we are doing is spreading out move-in over eight days, rather than the typical half-day on Saturday. This will greatly reduce the amount of people moving into each residence hall at one time. With that, the following precautions are also being taken:
      • Doors will be propped open to avoid commonly-touched surface
      • All staff, faculty, students and guests will be required to wear face coverings (see FAQ #1) 
      • Directional signage in the hall will help the flow of traffic and minimize congestion points 
      • Additional hand sanitation stations will be present in the halls
      • Custodial team will be onsite and implementing ongoing cleaning and disinfecting
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