LGBTQ and Ally Roommate Matching

The Department of Residence Life is committed to providing a safe and inclusive learning environment for all students who live on campus. The LGBTQ & Ally Roommate Matching process has been established for students who would like to room with someone who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, or is an ally (LGBTQA). 

To ensure we are communicating in a similar way, some definitions are needed. For the purposes of this process we will use the following: 

  • Ally: A member of a majority group who works to end oppression – in their personal and professional life – through support of and as an advocate for an oppressed group.
  • Sex: the identification of being biologically female, male, or intersex. Sex refers to the reproductive capacity or potential.
  • Gender: An individual’s self-conviction of being a woman, man, or another gender. This is not contingent of the individual’s biological sex or based on the individual’s sexual orientation. 

Before completing this form, consider the following:

  • This process is in place of MyCollegeRoomie
  • The content in this form is confidential. Information provided in this form will be utilized to make a match with another participant in the program.
  • The Roommate Matching Form should be submitted by Feb. 28 for incoming students. Forms/requests received after March 1 will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Outreach will be made through your preferred method of communication after submission of your form.

LGBTQA+ Roommate Matching Request Form

If you have questions about the process or the status of your request, contact Carol Jergenson, Assistant Director of Residential Education, at 701-231-5603 or 

Note:  If you already know who you would like as a roommate you do not need to go through this roommate matching process. Requests for a specific roommate must be mutual and both requests should be received by January 1 for priority consideration. 

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