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Residential Curriculum

The Department of Residence Life strives to create a community of learning for our students. Similar to how a professor in a classroom will have a syllabus and learning outcomes for the class, we have learning goals and lesson plans that we aim to accomplish every year. Additionally, there are multiple strategies we implement to achieve our goals. All that we do is intentional and student focused.

Our priority is to help our residents embrace Global Citizenship. Being a Global Citizen means having the responsibility to take action toward positively impacting self, others and the world.

We expect residents to come to campus with an open mind and be willing to fully participate as active members of their community. In order to guide our residents to become global citizens, we work toward achieving the following four learning goals.

Learning Goals

Each student will:
   • Explore Identity
   • Create Connections
   • Foster Inclusive Communities
   • Be Lifelong Learners

Strategies to meet learning goals:

Community Gatherings
Purposeful meetings which happen for each floor/house to enable residents to  connect, define their community, and share valuable information. 

Community Agreements, developed during one of the first community gatherings, allow residents to work together to take ownership of their environment. Students discuss what is important to them and what they want their community to be like to make an environment inclusive of everyone.  

Intentional Conversations
Intentional discussions between Resident Assistants and their residents to provide support and build community.

Roommate Success Plan is an agreement between roommates developing connections and addressing common areas. Resident Assistants facilitate the discussion of topics such as cleaning, guest visitation, sharing belongings and more. Learning to share a living space is a life-skill we help our students develop.

Passive Programs
These activities allow students to interact with information and concepts at their own pace and time. Activities developed in this manner encourage students to interact with peers without requiring a specific meeting time and location.

Includes door decorations, billboards, and interactive activities.

Utilizing our Campus Partners
Opportunities for involvement occur on campus every day. Utilizing our partners, we focus on connecting students to resources offered throughout our campus.

Additional Services

Faculty in Residence 

Hall Government and other Leadership Opportunities

Learning Communities

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