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Stockbridge Hall Government Application

Applications will be accepted until Sunday, August 30 at 11:59pm

 Elections will be Tuesday, September 1-Thursday, September 3, 2015

 Election Results shared on Friday, September 4, 2015


•                    Lead Hall Government meetings

•                    Attend most RHA meetings and report back to the halls

•                    Create agendas for Hall Government meetings


Vice President:

•                    Show up to RHA meetings with the Supreme Leader

•                    Preside over meeting when the Supreme Leader is absent

•                    Assist Supreme Leader in Hall Government and RHA proceedings.

•                    Assist the President in his duties



•                    Keep a record of all Stockbridge Hall Government meetings and activities, keep roll of members, and handle all correspondence of the Stockbridge Hall Government;

•                    Submit a copy of the minutes of each meeting of the Hall Government to the Stockbridge Hall Director;

•                    Submit a copy of the minutes of each meeting of the Hall Government to the RHA Secretary.



•                    Handle the financial matters of Stockbridge Hall which include, but are not limited to, budgets and requests for payment.


Diversity Initiative Leader:

•                    Attend the fall diversity retreat

•                    Attend monthly meeting with all the Diversity Initiatives Leaders (student leaders and RAs) and Assistant Director for Residence Education

•                    Meet with Hall Director/Assistant Hall Director and RA Diversity Initiative Leader twice a month

•                    Attend Hall Government Executive Board Meetings

•                    Report on what they are doing at Hall Government meetings

•                    Create monthly activities active and passive based on themes (First semester Res Life would provide some direction with themes.  Theme Ideas: respect, kindness.)

•                    Present information that can educate your fellow executive board members


Programming Council Representative

•                    Required attendance at all Stockbridge Hall Government meetings or find a suitable replacement.

•                    Represents the hall at all RHA Programming Council meetings.

•                    Plans, promotes and implements RHA-sponsored events.

•                    Reports on Programming Council initiatives at hall meetings.

•                    Plans and promotes social events between and within residence halls.

•                    Will conduct a minimum of one social program per semester

•                    Will participate in all Executive Board Training sessions/retreats.

•                    Will serve as a committee member for annual Seim Hall campus wide event.


Campus Service Representative:

•                    Attend Services Meetings

•                    Report back information from those meetings to the Hall Government

•                    Represent their Hall voice to various campus services

•                    Represent their Hall on various campus services issues


Time Obligations:

1.       Executive Board meetings are once a week

2.       Hall Government meetings are once a week

3.       President/Vice President: Residence Hall Association (RHA) Meetings are on Mondays at 7pm

4.       Program Council Meetings are on Wednesdays at 5:15pm

5.       Diversity Initiative Leaders Meetings are on Tuesdays at 7pm (once a month)

6.       Other weekly meeting may be established by President or Advisor

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