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Bruno P. Lozano
Position: President
Major/Minor: Strategic Communications with a minor in Spanish, French, and English
Why I joined RHA: I joined RHA because I wanted to create a place where students can come together and build a community that will help others grow as leaders. My goal is to be there for people as a source and a friend.



Kat Anderson
Position: Vice President/National Communications Coordinator
Major/Minor: Agricultural Systems Management with a minor in Animal Science focusing on husbandry
Why I joined RHA: It all started from Hall Government, then I discovered the bigger picture of RHA. My love of helping others and having a great time in Hall Government helped me decide that RHA was a great way to do both!


Kelsey Young
Position: Administrative Director
Major/Minor: Management Communication with minor in Psychology
Why I joined RHA: I joined RHA because of the vast networks and connections it has on campus and is capable of establishing. I also wanted to be able to help on-campus students grow as leaders while making sure their voices are heard and are transparent.



Paul Stanley Witte III
Position: Director of Public Relations
Major/Minor: Strategic Communications
Why I joined RHA: I want to get people to know who we are and what we do, to have students become more involved in our community and to understand how easy it is.



Andrew Winterfeldt
Position: Programming Chair
Major/Minor: Hospitality and Tourism Management/Business Administration
Why I joined RHA: I joined RHA the first time to help out my hall government president and vice-president.  I stayed involved because I saw the impact that RHA has had on the students living within the residence halls.



Brandon Schaner
Position: NRHH Liaison
Major/Minor: Accounting and Business Administration
Why I joined RHA: I joined RHA to develop my skills and give back to the NDSU community. I enjoyed my experience on campus and wanted to provide that same experience to the other students as they begin/continue their journeys at NDSU.



Jen Kacere
Position: Advisor
Major/Minor: Assistant Director for Leadership Development
Why I joined RHA: I joined RHA because I wanted to help celebrate others birthdays by putting signs and streamers on their doors.  I love the opportunity to get to know others and make our residential community better.

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