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Frequently Asked Questions

North Dakota State University is fully committed to equal opportunity in educational programs and activities, without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex (gender), disability, age, Vietnam Era Veterans status, sexual orientation, or status with regard to marriage or public assistance.  The Department of Residence Life supports this commitment and will not make room assignments or changes contrary to this policy. Our students share living areas and are roommates with individuals who may have different life experiences and backgrounds. We are not asking that students change, but that they come with an open mind and are accepting of individual differences.

When can I move in?

You may move in at your assigned hall on Saturday, August 19 between 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM.

Only students associated with designated early move-in groups (athletic teams, band, Memorial Union employees, etc.) will be able to move in prior to August 19.  Arrangements for early arrivals are coordinated directly with the early move-in group sponsor/coach/supervisor.

What about a parking permit?

If you will be parking on campus during the school year, a valid parking permit is required.  The cost for the academic year is $185, charged to your student account in the fall.  Parking permit sales beganWednesday, July 12, 2017.  Permits are available ONLY at the Parking and Transportation Services website

Note: You must be registered for classes at least 24 hours prior to accessing the system.

How are rooms assigned?

We strive to make the best possible assignment available related to your preferences. Your assignment is given based on the date we receive your application and will be made throughout the summer in the order in which the application are received. An email will be sent once your assignment is made and it will also be available for viewing at Self Service, accessible through Campus Connection. (Instructions for accessing Self Service can be found here.

Please be aware we can not guarantee your hall or roommate preferences. 

What if my roommate cancels?

If you contact your roommate and he/she tells you he/she has decided not to attend NDSU, ask him/her to call the Residence Life Office (1-800-572-8840) and cancel his/her contract if this has not already been done. The next person in line by priority date will be then assigned to your room.

How can I make a room change?

If you wish to make a room change, you may speak to your Hall Director upon arrival at NDSU. Your Hall Director can inform you of the options that are currently available and will honor your request if possible.

What is a triple/quad room?

If your assignment is in a triple/quad room, your main Self Service page will note that room type.  A triple room has three students where a quad room has four students in it. Triple/quad rooms are larger than double rooms and easily accommodate three or four people. If we are in overflow (not enough regular rooms) housing, an additional student will be added to either a double or a triple  until a permanent room is available for that student.

Do I need to rent a loft? How do I know what kind of bed I have?

NDSU offers a variety of different XL-twin beds, depending on the hall to which you are assigned.  We have bunk, adjustable, lofted, and stand-alone beds.  Reed, Johnson, Churchill, Dinan, Weible, and LLC Halls come with lofted beds. 
Click here to view the specific type of bed in your room.

What is overflow housing?

Typically, there are more students requesting to live in the residence halls than we have space for.  When all available beds have been filled and there are still students without housing, a variety of different areas are used to accommodate these students. In most halls this means utilizing study lounges as student rooms, converting larger double rooms to triples, or larger triple rooms to quads. All overflow locations on campus are secure and offer most of the same, if not the same, amenities as permanent locations. If you are assigned to a permanent location in a double with a study (larger double room) or triple/quad room, you will have an additional student placed in your room due to overflow. When a permanent space opens up for the student in overflow housing, he or she will be able to relocate.

Can I cancel my license agreement?

All first year students are required to live in a residence hall, according to the Living on Campus Policy. If new students cancel after May 1 they are subject to a cancellation fee.  Notify the Residence Life Office of your intent to cancel your licence agreement no later than May 1 to receive a refund of your room reservation fee. 

*Cancellations are not permitted once a student moves in.

What is my new mailing address?


Click here for the list of hall addresses


When do I pay my bill for room and board?

For fall semester, payment is due by Wednesday, September 6, 2017.
For spring semester, payment is due by Wednesday, January 24, 2018.
Transactions may be done online via Campus Connection at any time or in person at One Stop during business hours.  Checks made payable to NDSU may be mailed to:
One Stop, NDSU Dept. 5290
PO Box 6050, Fargo, ND 58108-6050

What about hall dues?

A yearly charge, maximum $100, for your hall dues is placed on your NDSU account on or before the first day of classes. The hall dues pay for hall activities and programs planned by the hall government and the Residence Hall Association (RHA), and for items the hall government will choose to purchase such as sports equipment, cooking utensils, games, etc. Your hall dues also pay for coinless laundry service in your building, newspapers in each residence hall, and the Residence Life Cinema television channel. Activities and equipment are available to all residents of the hall and all students are encouraged to participate in hall government.

What's next?

In August, you will receive more detailed information about moving in.  You will also receive a letter from your Resident Assistant, who will introduce him/herself to you as you prepare to move to campus.  Don't forget to continue checking our website for additional information about assignments, residence halls, and move-in weekend.

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