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Housing Sign-Up FAQs

Housing Sign-Up Questions: Apartments

Who is eligible to live in an NDSU apartment? 
Students who are at least 20 years of age OR who have completed at least two semesters of college level course work (post high school graduation) may live in NDSU apartments. Apartments are only available to NDSU students and their spouses/dependents. Students at other institutions are not eligible. 

Are the rates listed per apartment, or per person? 
The rates listed on the Residence Life website are per unit. The total cost per unit is split by the number of occupants and billed to each individual. 

How do I apply for an apartment? 
To apply for an NDSU apartment, complete the application and turn it in at the Residence Life central office in West Bison Court. Applications must be accompanied by a $200 application fee (which goes toward first month's rent after moving in). The reservation fee may be paid by cash, check, or credit card. 

Is the $200 room reservation fee refundable? 
Absolutely. The $200 is held until an apartment assignment is made.  (If paying application fee by check, the check is cashed. We just don't apply it to the student account until an assignment is made.)  Once an assignment is made, the money goes toward the first month's rent payment. The application fee is fully refundable if a student does not get an apartment (which they will eventually will) or changes his/her mind and wants to be removed from the waiting list. 

How do I pay rent, and when is it due? 
Rent is due within the first ten business days of each month. If not paid in full, a $35 late fee is assessed. Rent can be paid at NDSU One Stop in Memorial Union or online via Campus Connection. 

Can I live in the apartment over the summer even if I'm not registered for summer classes? 
Yes. A student may reside in the apartments over the summer as long as he or she is registered for the following fall semester. 

Is internet access provided? 
Yes. Internet access is available to apartment residents at no additional charge. 

When should I apply for an apartment? 
Students may apply at any time. However, since assignments are made based on application received date, the sooner a student applies, the better chance he or she has of receiving the preferred apartment type by the requested move-in date. 

Can I submit my application online? 
Online applications are only available for residence halls. Apartment applications must be submitted in person at the Residence Life central office in West Bison Court. 

Are NDSU apartments considered to be on campus or off? 
NDSU apartments are on campus. Therefore, all NDSU policies, procedures, and conduct expectations apply. 

What if I need help finding a roommate? 
Residence Life offers online apartment roommate listings that may be used by students.  You may view listings or post your own. 

Housing Sign-Up Questions: Residence Halls

Where do I log on? 
To access the online features, log into Campus Connection, select Self Service, and On-Campus Housing

Why do I get a "cannot display page" or "timed out due to inactivity" error in Campus Connection? 
If you get an error message, your browser needs to be set to accept cookies. Follow the instructions here and it should correct the issue. 

Where can I live next year? 
Residence Halls - Mathew Living Learning Center East, Mathew Living Learning Center West or Niskanen Hall.

Apartments - Niskanen Expansion, Bison Court, Apartment 1701 or University Village (Apartments often have waiting lists, so the earlier you apply, the better. Remember, applications may be submitted at any time. Students do not have to wait for the Housing Sign-Up process to apply for an apartment.)

Why can't I select Pavek during Housing Sign-Up?
Students cannot select Pavek during the sign-up process, but a waitlist will be created. If you'd like to get on the Pavek waitlist, stop by the Residence Life office in West Bison Court during Phase Five. This phase starts at noon on March 7 and ends March 9. Last year, all students on the Pavek waitlist were provided spaces by the start of the fall semester. 

Am I eligible for MLLC East or West? 
Yes, as long as you will be at least 20 years old by the first day of the fall semester OR have completed two semesters of college-level course work after high school graduation.

Is the Residence Hall license agreement for fall semester only? 
The license agreement is made for the full academic year, unless leaving campus for an internship, co-op, study abroad program, or graduation. 

What if I'm not sure I want to live on campus next year? 
Go ahead and participate in Housing Sign-Up anyway. You still have until May 1 to cancel your license agreement without penalty. 

What if I need to cancel my residence hall license agreement later? 
If you decide, you may cancel your residence hall license agreement for 2018-2019. Prior to May 1 there will be no cancellation fee. After May 1, there is late cancellation fee assessed.

Cancellation fee chart
If you cancel after:
May 1st $100.00
Jun 1st $150.00
July 1st $200.00
August 1st  $250.00

Cancellations are not permitted once a student moves in next year.

Can my off-campus friend go through Housing Sign-Up if he/she is a current NDSU student? 
No, but he or she may submit an application for housing. After Housing Sign-Up has ended and the wait lists have been depleted, we will then place off campus students.

What if I want to room with someone who is not yet an NDSU student? 
It is not possible to select an incoming student during this process. Additionally, it is anticipated that all available residence hall spaces will fill during Housing Sign-Up. Wait until the new student receives a housing assignment this summer then call the Residence Life central office at 701.231.7557 to see if we are able to move student's assignment to accommodate your request. Please know that the odds of being able to room with someone who is not currently an NDSU student are quite small. 

When will I find out my room selection time? 
By the end of the day on March 2, you will be able to see your designated start time. Remember, your room selection time is based on when your application was first received at NDSU, not when it was received during Phase One.  

Could you explain Niskanen?
The Niskanen Area consists of Niskanen Residence Hall (three buildings) and Niskanen Expansion Apartments (three buildings). The current residence hall buildings will be used as residence halls again in 2018-2019, so students may select these locations during Housing Sign-Up. The Niskanen Expansion Apartments require an apartment application, which students may submit at any time. 

What if I want to keep my current room but select a new roommate? 
If you want to keep your current room in Niskanen or MLLC, you may re-select it during Phase Two. Upon re-selecting your current room during Phase Two, your Housing Sign-Up process is complete, and you will not be able to participate in Phase Three (roommate selection).

I'm requesting a single room. How can I get one? 
There are limited single rooms available on campus. They are popular, and are often the first rooms selected. Due to space limitations, double rooms cannot be reserved as singles. 

Can I select more than one roommate? 
Yes, but keep the following in mind: If you are matched with more roommates than a room or suite can hold, you will not be able to select that location without dropping the extra roommate(s). Suite-style living spaces (in Niskanen Hall) can be selected as two double rooms or an entire four-person suite. An individual may select one bed in a four-person suite, two matched roommates may select one of the two double rooms in a four-person suite, or four matched roommates may select the entire suite. If one space in the four-person suite is taken, though, then the suite will not be selectable by four-person roommate matches when choosing a new room. Roommate matches will need to be dropped to three or fewer people, depending upon the number of available beds in the suite. The fewer roommate matches you have, the more available spaces you have to choose from. 

After I am matched with a roommate, which one of us should select the room? 

When one matched roommate selects a room, the other matched roommate(s) is/are automatically assigned. Therefore, to have the best opportunity to select a desired location, the roommate with the earliest selection time should log in and select a room. 

What if I miss a deadline but still want to participate in Housing Sign-Up? 
Contact the Department of Residence Life immediately. Some accommodations may be made so that you can still participate. However, you may find that you do not have as many options for room selection as those who met the listed deadlines. 

I'm logged in, but why can't I see (or select) any rooms for a particular hall? 
If you are unable to see any rooms in a hall, it is for one of several reasons:  there are no rooms left to select, you are matched with more roommates than the remaining rooms can accommodate, or you do not meet the necessary requirements to live in that particular location (e.g. restrictions for MLLC).  Additionally, you will be unable to choose a room if your designated selection time has not yet arrived. 

Can I get on a waiting list for Mathew Living Learning Center, Niskanen Hall, and/or Pavek? 
Yes, Phase Five is for students who want to be added to one or more waitlists. If you were not able to select Mathew Living Learning Center, Niskanen Hall, or Pavek Hall, you may stop by the Department of Residence Life to be added to a waiting list for those halls. Waiting list priority will be established based on original application date (just like room selection priority was established). If a space becomes available in your requested location before next fall, you will automatically be reassigned there. Waiting lists do not carry over to the fall semester, so if you do not get your requested (re)assignment, contact the hall director in that hall upon returning to campus in August. 

Will you run out of residence hall space for the returning students? 
Yes and no. Though we typically fill all available residence hall spaces during Housing Sign-up, we have traditionally been able to accommodate everyone on our waitlist by the time the halls open the following year. If you are not able to select a space during Housing Sign-up, just add yourself to a waitlist (Phase Five). Though not guaranteed, the chances of eventually getting a space are quite good. 

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