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NDSU Residence Halls and Apartments - Updates and Info


Unfortunately, the COVID-19 situation across the country and in our region continues to worsen, and we have a responsibility to adjust our operations. See below for details.    

Residence Halls:

NDSU is requesting all residents move-out of their residence hall.  

Students who are not able to return and move out due to their state's shelter-in-place order, or they simply prefer an alternative date, should email Residence Life at Rooms will be locked and secure until a new check-out date is coordinated. This will not impact refund amounts.

Students currently in self-quarantine or experiencing symptoms, please do not return to campus. Schedule a date to move out by emailing 

Students who have legitimate reasons to stay on campus for the remaining portion of the spring semester must complete the following form: Request to Stay Past Designated Checkout Day

Procedures and expectations for residence hall express check out

Check-out will occur through an express process in which you will follow the steps below. You do NOT need to schedule a time with a staff member to complete this process. 

  1. Return your room to its ORIGINAL condition

    1. Pack and take all belongings with you.
    2. Move furnishings to their original location.
    3. Close all windows/drapes/blinds.
    4. Take garbage to the dumpster outside the building.

  2. If you have a metal rented loft, disassemble and leave it in your room. If you rented a fridge or microwave, clean out and unplug with door left open.

  3. Return room/mail keys in envelopes found at the front desk.  Keys should be deposited in your outgoing mail slot. You will be charged if they are not returned at checkout.

Damage Charges: 
The final condition of the room is your responsibility. Damage charges are assessed by the Hall Director.

Other Notes:

  • Please complete the move-out yourself, or with fewer than two people so we can avoid crowds
  • Coordinate with your roommate to avoid both of you moving out as the same time
  • Complete your move-out as quickly as possible
  • Minimize your interactions with others, and maintain social distancing
  • To minimize multi-contact items (cleaning spray, vacuums, brooms, etc), we will not be providing cleaning supplies. Please pick-up your room to your best of your ability. 
  • US Mail will be forwarded to your permanent address on file through Campus Connection.  

Students who checked out the week of March 23, or deferred their checkout to a later date and are not residing in their hall, will receive a 40% refund of their residence hall spring semester rate. This percentage is based on the North Dakota University System Procedure 830.2, which determines the prorated refund rate on the enrollment period Week 10 of 17 (spring break is excluded from the count).

Residence HallSpring Rate  Refund %  Refund Amount
Burgum, Dinan, Stockbridge, Reed/Johnson, Churchill, Weible    $1,845.0040%$738.00
Pavek, Seim, Sevrinson, Thompson [Double Room]$1,935.0040%$774.00
Pavek, Seim, Sevrinson, Thompson [E/Single Rooms]$2,025.0040%$810.00
Cater Hall$2,025.0040%$810.00
Niskanen Middle$1,935.0040%$774.00
Niskanen North and South$2,092.0040%$836.00
MLLC Four-Bedroom$2,115.0040%$846.00
MLLC Studio$2,160.0040%$864.00

The above chart is intended to provide a general guideline of the refund value that will be applied to your student account by April 7. Exceptions to the refund calculations, include:

  • Students who bought out a double as a single (add $275 to semester rate)
  • Students who switched rooms during spring semester (eg. from Burgum to Pavek)
  • Students who received a partial housing waiver or scholarship (a credit will be applied based on the charges not already covered).
  • Students who receive a full waiver/scholarship for housing and/or dining, including student-athletes and Resident Assistants (not be eligible for this credit).

Students who requested to stay longer, and reside in their hall, past the week of March 23 will receive a refund based on the subsequent week they check out. 
 - March 29 – April 4: 30%
 - April 5 – April 11: 25%
 - April 12- April 18: 20%
 - April 19 – April 25: 10%
 - April 26 – May 2: 5%
 - May 2 – May 15: 0% 

Refund Distribution:
Your refund value will be viewable in Campus Connection by April 7. To allow for Residence Hall damage charges to be applied if applicable, refunds will be generated Thursday, April 16 via Direct Deposit or Check.

  • Students with Direct Deposit will receive their funds approximately three business days later.  This is the preferred option as students will receive the refund quicker.
  • Students who have not signed up for direct deposit will be mailed a paper check to their home address listed in Campus Connection.

Parking Refunds:
Students will receive a parking fee refund of $30 for a regular parking pass or $10 refund for a Park & Ride pass.

Dining Refunds:
Visit the Dining Covid-19 Response webpage for refund details. 


To our apartment residents, thank you for your patience, cooperation, and understanding as we work through this situation together. Below is information relating to residents who would like to vacate the NDSU apartments in light of COVID-19 implications and recommendations. Please note, any resident living in the apartments may continue to reside in their apartment. If you intend on remaining in your apartment, there is nothing you need to do.

For any resident wanting to vacate their apartment, the Department of Residence Life is implementing the following procedures to vacate their apartments early.

Wavier of the 60-day vacating notice requirement

  • All residents wanting to vacate their apartments early may do so without penalty

  • Residents who have already submitted a vacating notice will need to submit a Change of Vacating Notice Form

    • The change of vacating notice form is available on our website:
    • Change of vacating notice forms can be scanned and emailed to
    • We ask that residents give at least a two-day notice so that we can prepare paperwork and notify appropriate staff

Check-out procedures

  • To coincide with social distancing recommendations, check-out assessments will be done after a resident moves all of their belongings out of an apartment
  • Residents will be held to the same cleanliness standard under normal check-out procedures

  • Residents will be charged for additional cleaning that may need to be done and all damages not listed on the Apartment Inventory and Condition Form (AICF)
  • All keys need to be left on the kitchen counter, clearly labeled as to who they belong to

    • Any missing keys will be charged to the vacating resident

  • Residents will need to email their complex manager to inform them when they have completed moving all of their belongings out of the apartment

    • In this email, residents must provide a forwarding address

  • Residents living in University Village that have the Xcel Energy account in their name will need to complete paperwork to either disconnect service or transfer the account to a remaining resident (if applicable)

    • Please contact your Complex Manager for information on how to do this

Apartments with residents remaining

To assist with the financial impact of a roommate vacating an apartment, the rent of any resident who remains will stay at their current rate through May 31, 2020.

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