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Bandwidth Usage

ITS and Residence Life are working together to better manage residence hall bandwidth. The current method is to allocate each student 5GB of network bandwidth a day. The average ResNet student is using less than 100MB a day.

This will apply only to traffic going to or coming from the Internet. On campus traffic, like reading your Mail@NDSU e-mail or using Blackboard, will not be counted. The bandwidth usage will be reset daily at 6:00 AM.

If a resident exceeds their daily allocation, they will be placed into a shared, severely limited pool (300kbps) with other users that have exceeded their allocation until 6am the next morning. At 6am, they will be moved into a shared, slight limited pool (1Mbps). If they again exceed their daily allocation, they will again be placed into the shared, severely limited pool. If the resident does not exceed their daily allocation, at 6am the following morning, they will be returned to the general pool. The resident will not be disconnected; they will be sharing a limited amount of bandwidth, which may be very slow for the remainder of that day and the next day. NOTE: Each of the five networks that makeups ResNet have their own pools.

Between 2am and 6am, bandwidth quotas are reset and each resident is allocated 5GB. If the resident is already in one of the limited pools, they will remain there. If before 6am a resident exceeds their allocation, they are placed into a shared, limited pool (1.5Mbps) until 6am. Again, at 6am all bandwidth quotas are reset.

This page will give a resident an easy way to check how much traffic has been consumed for the current day.

For more information on this, please see the FAQs.

Things to watch out for:
If you are using an Internet application that allows you to search for and download files on the Internet, this same application may be allowing others on the Internet to download your files. The files you download and the files that are downloaded from you will be counted against you.

If you have a 3MB file and 66 people on the Internet download it, this will require just under 200 MB of network usage.

Explanation of "Your Usage"

This number is your IP address, it identifies you on the network.

This number is how much data your computer has transfered on the internet today. This does not include any traffic to and from the North Dakota University System network resources.

% daily:
The Last number is the percentage of your total daily usage that you have used.

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