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Safe Zone


List of NDSU's Safe Zone Allies

Updated October 2016

SZA = Safe Zone Ally; Ally has completed training and has committed to being an Ally to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer or questioning individuals.
TGA = Transgender Ally; Ally has completed additional training about gender identity/expression and has made the additional commitment to being an Ally for those who identify as transgender or transsexual.
Upstander = Upstander Ally; Ally has completed advanced training.


Kelsey Aakre, Student - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Mitchell Abrahamsen, Student/RA - SZA 

Kelsey Adolphson, Student/RA - SZA

Ju Yeon Ahn, Student/RA - SZA

Peace Albert, Student - SZA

Franklin Alexander, Student - SZA 

Jaryn Allen, Counseling Center (Ceres 212) - SZA, TGA

Kurt Altenburg, Student - SZA

Chris Anderson, Student - SZA

Jamie Anderson, Graduate Student - SZA

Katherine Anderson, Student/RA - SZA

Katie Anderson, Student - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Kayla Anderson, Student - SZA

Kendyl Anderson, Student - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Ronni Arensberg, Counseling Center (Ceres 212) - SZA, TGA

Lisa Arnold, Assistant Professor of English - SZA

Olivia Arnold, Student - SZA

Rachele Arnoldussen, Student/RA - SZA

Jasper Asplin, Student/RA - SZA

Stacy Atkinson, NDSU Alumni Center - SZA

Justin Atwell, Graduate Student - SZA, TGA

Brandi Aune, HNES Extension A.A. - SZA, Upstander 

Jessica Avery, Career Centers, Internship Assistant - SZA, TGA, Upstander 


Angela Bachman, Academic Affairs (Old Main 103) - SZA, TGA

Ashley Baggett, History, Philosophy & Religious Studies (Minard 422) - SZA

Rebecca Bahe, Residence Life (106 W. Bison Court) - SZA, TGA

Nate Bailly, Graduate Student, SZA

Benjamin Balas, Assistant Professor of Psychology (Minard 134E 2) - SZA

Dawn Baldwin, Graduate Student - SZA, TGA

Erin Balerud, Stacks Supervisor (Main Library) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Macy Barrett, Student - SZA, TGA

Tracy Barrett, History, Philosophy, & Religious Studies (Minard 422L) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Janet Bechtold, Student - SZA, TGA 

Erin A. Beck, Student - SZA

Jace Beehler, Student - SZA

Shanti Behrens, TRIO (Ceres 329) - SZA, TGA

Kristen Benson, Human Development & Family Science (SGC 110) - SZA, TGA

Bradley Benton, History, Philosophy, & Religious Studies (Minard 422P) - SZA

Kylie Bentz, Student/RA - SZT

Brandon Berg, Student - SZA

Emily Berg, Institutional Research (Morrill Hall 213A) - SZA

Erika Berger, Student - SZA

Tina Berger, Human Resources/Payroll (SGC H102) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Brady Bergeson, English Lecturer (Minard 316A) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Jacob Bernier, Student - SZA

Eugene Berry, Veterinary & Microbiological Sciences (Van Es 160) - SZA

Alison Grahm-Bertolini, Assistant Professor of English/WGS (Minard 318) - SZA

Erika Beseler Thompson, Student Success Programs (WDC Lower Level) - SZA, TGA

Ayssa Beuning, Student - TGA

Rebecca Bidwell, Student - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Sirena Birkeland, Admission Officer - SZA

Nicholas Birkhimer, SSS Peer Mntor - SZA

Elizabeth "Betsy" Birmingham, English (Morrill 207C) - SZA, TGA

Taylor Bisbee, Student - SZA

Tamara Blanich, Office Manager of TRIO, Student Success Programs - SZA

Anne Blankenship, History, Philosophy, & Religious Studies (Minard 422R) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Jamie Blazek, Career Center/Events Assistant & Marketing Coordinator - SZA, TGA

William Bleier, Biological Sciences (Stevens 218) - SZA

Ryan Blotsky, Resident Assistant, Residence Life - SZA

Jamie Boespflug, Student - SZA

Nathaniel Boisjolie-Gair, Resident Assistant, Residence Life - ZA

Sierra Bonham, Student - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Sarah Boonstoppel, Assistant Professor:  Criminal Justice and Political Science - SZA

Janis Bork, Budget Coordinator (Nursing) - SZA

Marlys Borkhuis, Counseling Center (Ceres 212) - SZA

Troy Borowicz,  Student - SZA

Clare Boswell-Healey, Student - SZA, TGA 

Megan Bouret, Graduate Student & IT Manager - SZA

Zachary Bowe, Student - SZA

Sheila Boyda, Human Resources/Payroll (SGC H102) - SZA. TGA, Upstander

Dylan Boyer, Student/RA - SZA

Allison Bozovsky, PhD Student - SZA

Alexa Braaten, Student - SZA 

Kristy Brandt, Student - SZA, TGA

Elise Braun, Student - SZA

McKay Brekke, Student Financial Services (Ceres 202) - SZA 

Ryan Brinkman, Hall Director (Churchill) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Hilary Brodeur, Admission Counselor - SZA

Hayley Broich, Student - SZA

Kevin Brooks, English (Morrill 219A) - SZA

Jessica Brown, Student - SZA

Kim Bruemmer, Memorial Union (MU 120) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Colton Bruhn, Student - SZA

Carol Buchholz-Holland, Assistant Professor, School of Education (SGC C120) - SZA

Ann Burnett, Women & Gender Studies (Minard 338C10) - SZA, TGA

Sean Burt, History, Philosophy, & Religious Studies (Minard 422A) - SZA, TGA

Aaron Butler, Student/RA - SZA

Abigail Byman, Institutional Equity & Compliance Officer - SZA, TGA, Upstander


Grace Cabarle, Student - SZA, TGA

Kelly Cameron, English (Morrill 203C) - SZA, TGA

Anthony Caputo, Student - SZA

Tom Stone Carlson, Human Development & Family Science (SGC 100) - SZA, TGA

Kelsie Jo Carter, Graduate Student - SZA 

Ian Cashman, Student/RA - SZA

Jo Cavins, English Senior Lecturer (Minard 316M) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Luke Champa, Student - SZA

Leslie Chavez, Student - SZA, TGA 

Adam Ching, Student - SZA

Anna Chock, Graduate Student - SZA

Eric Christeson, ECI - SZA, TGA

Lois Christianson, Academic Affairs (Old Main) - SZA

Thomas Clawson, Student/RA - SZA

Jake Cleys, Student/RA - SZA 

Cydney Coffey, Student - SZA

Martin Coleman, Associate Professor, Psychology (Minard 316), SZA

Ross Collins, Communication (Ehly 202) - SZA

Maggie Colwell, Student - SZA

Charis Condon, Student - SZA

Allison Conn, Student/Violence Prevention Educator - SZA

Erin Conwell, Assistant Professor, Psychology (Minard 134E), SZA

Gregory Cook, Professor & Chair, Chemistry & Biochemistry (Ladd 104G) - SZA

Darcy Corbitt-Hall, Graduate Student - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Emily Corturillo, Graduate Student - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Michael Coughlin, Student - SZA

Stephen Coughlin, Student - SZA

Angela Cox, Student - SZA, TGA

Kathy Coykendall, Mathematics (Mindard 408 J) - SZA

Madison Crego, Student - SZA

Cami Curtis, Student - SZA

Jaclyn Curtis, Residence Life, Living Learning Center - SZA, TZA

Susan Curtis, Apparel, Design & Hospitality Management (FLC 407) - SZA, Upstander


Anna Dalen, Student - SZA, TGA 

Luke Daley, Student - SZA

Emory Daly, Student - SZA

Melissa Daniel, Admission (Ceres 114) 

Jessica Danielson, Graduate Student - SZA

Katie Danielson, Student - SZA, TGA

Emmanuelyne Dargbeh, Student - SZA

Dana Davis, Pharmacy (Sudro 130) - SZA

Jim Deal, Human Development & Family Science (EML 283) - SZA

Anne Debner, Student/RA - SZA

LaDonna DeGeldere, President's Office (Old Main 102) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Jackie DeMolee, Registration & Records Assistant - SZA

Tyler DeWitz, Student - SZA, TGA

Jane Dickerson, Office Assistant - Computer Science Department - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Natalie Dillon, Twin Cities Admission Counselor - SZA

Viet Doan, Enrollment Management (Ceres 124) - SZA

Pat Doll, Student/RA - SZA 

Kim Domholt, Event Coordinator Career Center - SZA

Jylisa Doney, Social Sciences Librarian (Library 218C) - SZA, TGA

Isaiah Dorendorf, Student - SZA

Simone Dorsey, Graduate Student - SZA, TGA

Kaitlyn Dotson, Student - SZA

Paige Douglas, Student - SZA, TGA

Emily Driscoll, Student - SZA

Hailey Dubord, Student - SZA

Ian Dulka, Student/RA - SZA

Mitchell Dufour, Student/RA - SZA

Michael Duncan, Student - SZA

Cheryl Dunlop, Student Success Programs - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Shayla Durick, Registration & Records (Ceres 110) - SZA



Lisa Eggebraaten, NDSU Libraries (Library 218D) - SZA, TGA, Upstander 

Grant Eggan, Resident Assistant, Residence Life - SZA

Darcie Ellertson, Hall Director (Dinan) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Pam Emancielson, Assistant Professor - SZA

Carin Engler, Residence Life - TGA 

Jennifer Erickson, Disability Services (Wallman Wellness Center 170) - SZA

Quinn Erickson, Student - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Rebecca Erickson, Student - SZA

Judy Erikson, Admission (Ceres 114) - SZA

Melissa Eslinger, College of Pharmacy, Nursing & Allied Sciences (Sudro 123) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Heidi Eukel, Pharmacy Practice (Sudro 118G) - SZA

Megan Even, Graduate Student - SZA, TGA

Amelia Everson, Student/RA - SZA

Corinna Evoniuk, Student - SZA

Emma Ewen, Student - SZA



Kambiz Farahmand, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering (Civ/Ind Eng 202N) - SZA

Erienne Fawcett, Women & Gender Studies (Minard 200) - SZA, TGA

Tiffany Fier, Theater Arts, Askanase - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Sidney Fisk, Institutional Research & Analysis (Morrill 211C) - SZA, TGA 

Julie Flakker, Admission (Ceres 114) - SZA 

Sierra Flammond, Student - SZA

Souleyman Fofana, Student - SZA

Brady Folkestad, Student/RA - SZA 

Victoria Fossum, Graduate Student - SZA, TGA

Kolby Schaeffer Fraase, School of Nursing ( Sudro 222M) - SZA 

Tammy Fraase, Student Financial Services (Ceres 202) - SZA 

Steevie Frankl, Graduate Student - SZA

Savannah Franklin, Student - SZA

Bill Frazier, Residence Life (West Bison Court 114) - SZA, TGA

Elisabeth Fricker, Student - SZA

Linda Fricker, Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (Putnam 105B) - SZA, TGA

Matthew Friedman, Student - SZA

Heather Fuller, Human Development & Family Science (EML 283B) - SZA 


Christa Galbraith, Student/RA - SZA

Laura Garske-Hermanson, Human Resources/Payroll (SGC H102) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Theresa Gaumond, Instructor/TA - SZA, TGA

Deb Gebeke, Extension Administration - SZA 

Mary Gerardy, Student Financial Services (Ceres 202) - SZA 

Jamal Ghauri, Student/RA - SZA, TGA 

Penny Gibbs, Veterinary & Microbiological Sciences (Van Es 152) - SZA

Benjamin Gilbertson, Student - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Paul Gleye, Landscape Architecture (Klai 318) - SZA

Diego Gondim, Student – SZA

Marie Bosley Gordon, Registration and Records (Ceres 110) - SZA 

Katie Gordon, Psychology (Minard 105C) - SZA

Robert Gordon, Psychology (Minard 102D) - SZA

Eric Gorecki, Hall Director (Sevrinson) - SZA, TGA

Macy Gourneau, Student - SZA, TGA

Rhonda Graetz, Enrollment Management (Ceres 124) - SZA 

Corey Grant, Graduate Student - SZA 

Kara Gravley-Stack, Office of Vice Provost for Faculty and Equity (Old Main 202D) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Hunter Gray, Resident Assistant, Residence Life - SZA

Nathan Green, Memorial Union (MU 146B) - SZA

Roger Green, Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE 215B) - SZA

Stephanie Grollman, Modern Languages Lecturer (Minard 334 E) - SZA, TGA

Brea Grueneich, Graduate Student - SZA, TGA

Mitchell Grunig, Student - SZA

Carly Gunnerson, International Student and Study Abroad Programs (Memorial Union 116) - SZA, TGA

Dani Gutierrez, Hall Director (Reed/Johnson) - SZA, TGA

Beth Hagemeister, Publication Services (Library 16) - SZA

Amanda Haire, Human Development & Family Science - SZA

Christian Hall, Student/RA - SZA

Heather Hall, Student - SZA

Corey Haller, Student - SZA

Bryn Halley, Student/RA - SZA

Melissa Halvorson, Student/RA - SZA

Rachel Hamre, Human Resources/Payroll (SCG H102) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Dahye Han, Student/RA - SZA

Liz Hanley, Hall Director (Weible) - SZA, TGA

Whitney Hansen, Student - SZA, TZA

Alison Hanslip, Student/RA - SZA

Alan Hanson, Education (EML 155G) - SZA, TZA

Anita Hanson, Disbility Specialist - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Audra Hart, Equity and Diversity Assistant (Wellness Center) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Michael Harwood, Student Life (MU 250) - SZA

Conner Hatfield, Student/RA - SZA 

Trevor Haugdahl, Student - SZA

Kaori Hayashi, Student/RA - SZA 

Danton Hein, Student Financial Services (Ceres 202) - SZA 

Cathy Heiraas, Arts, Humanities & SS (Minard 204C) - SZA, TGA

Joel Hektner, Human Development & Family Science (EML 283) - SZA

Lynae Hemming, Graduate Student - SZA

Adrien Henderson, Student - SZA, TGA

Abby Herbranson, Student - SZA, TGA, Upstander

McKenzie Herz, Student - TGA

Alexandra Hett, Student - SZA

Heather Higgins-Dochtermann, Institutional Equity Investigator, Equity Office - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Brent Hill, Assistant Professor, School of Education (FLC 218B) - SZA

Joshua Hintz, Student - SZA, TGA

Anthony Hjelmberg, RA - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Emily Hoadley, Library Accounting Tech (Library 106) - SZA, TGA

Penny Hoesel, Admission (Ceres 114) - SZA 

Haley Hoffman, Student - SZA

Tyrza Hoines, Student - SZA 

Isaac Holman, Student/RA - SZA, TGA 

Pam Hommen, University Studies (Morrill 112) - SZA

Kay Hopkins, Business Administration (Barry 100B) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Shalyn Hopley, Hall Director (Burgum) - SZA, TGA

Jessica Hotchkiss, Graduate Student - SZA

Brooke Hubert, Student - SZA

Joni Hubrig, Student - SZA

Ana Huerta Lopez, Graduate Student - SZA, TGA, Upstander




Jeff Jacobs, Student Financial Services (Ceres 202) - SZA

Ashley Jaso, Student - SZA, TGA

Elizabeth Jensen, Student - SZA

Carol Jergenson, Seim Hall Director - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Mario Jimenez, Student - SZA

Ezekiel Johnson, Student - SZA 

Heather Johnson, Student - SZA

Nikki Johnson, NDSU Extension Services (EML 316B) - SZA 

Nicole Johnson, Student - SZA

Samantha Johnson, New Student Programs Coordinator/Student Success Programs - Upstander

Sara Johnson, International Student and Study Abroad Services (Memorial Union 116) - SZA, TGA

Bunnie Johnson-Messelt, Disability Services (Wallman Wellness Center 170) - SZA, TGA

Tricia R. Johnson, Human Resources and Payroll - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Helena Johnston, Athletics (Bison Sports Arena 102) - SZA

Bradley Jones, Admission (Ceres 114) - SZA, TGA

Morgan Jones, Student - SZA

Rachel Jones, English Graduate Student - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Briana Justin, Admission (Ceres 114) - SZA 

Anne Johnson, Assistant Director of Admissions - SZA

Samantha Johnson, Staff:  Student Success Progrms - TGA


James Kaderlik, Student/RA - SZA

Maret Kashmark, MHS Counselor - SZA

Callie Dominique Karlsson, International Student & Study Abroad Services (MU 116) - SZA

Alicia Kauffman, International Student & Study Abroad Services (MU 116) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Kelsey Keimig, Sexual Assault Prevention & Advocacy (MU 250) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Jared Kellerman, Graduate Student, Couple and Family Therapy - SZA, TGA

Cassie Keogh, Music (Reineke Fine Arts Center Fargo, ND) - SZA

Bridget Kessler, Career Center - SZA

Kevin Kettner, University Studies (Morrill 112) - SZA

Frank Kimemia, Student - SZA 

Aaron Kirchhoff, Faculty, Visual Arts - SZA

Meghan Kirkwood, Visual Arts (324G Renaissance Hall) - SZA

Rhonda Kitch, Registration & Records (Ceres 110) - SZA, TGA

Haley Klapak, Student - SZA

Jordan Kleinjan, Student - SZA

Amy Knudson, International Student & Study Abroad Services (Memorial Union 116) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Rachel Knudson, HR Payroll (SGC H102) - SZA, TGA

Michael Knutson, Student - SZA

Naomi Kosen, Facilities Management (Thorson Maintenance Center) - SZA, TGA

Kayla Kottsick, Staff - SZA, TGA

Chantal Kraemer, Student - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Tanya Kramer, International Student & Study Abroad Services (MU 116) - SZA, TGA

Kathleen Kranda, Student - SZA, TGA

Nathan Krepp, Student/RA - SZA

Alison Kretchman, Student - SZA, TGA

Jordan Krill, Student - SZA 

Meghann Kuhlman, Student/RA - SZA

Maxx Kureczko, Mathematics faculty (Minard 300) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Vivian Kyereme, Student - SZA


Corey Landowski, Bison Connection (MU 176) - SZA 

Casey Larson, Student/RA - SZA

Megan Larson, Student - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Morgan Larson, Student/RA - SZA

Abby Lee, Student - SZA

Amanda Lee, Student/RA - SZA

Seinquis Leinen, Admission (Ceres 114) - SZA 

Lindsey Levin, Graduate Student - SZA

Donna Lipetzky, Student Health Services (Wellness Center 130) - SZA, TGA

Bonnie Litton, Student Financial Services (Ceres 202) - SZA 

Barbara Lonbaken, Student Health & Wellness (Wellness Center 170B) - SZA

Adam Lundquist, Admission (Ceres 114) - SZA 

Rachel Lerum, School Counselor:  Moorhead - TGA

Kelsey Lage, Athletic Academics/Stuent Success Programs  TGA


Tyler Maanum, Student/RA - SZA

Nancy Mahlen, TRIO/Student Support Services - Upstander

Mackenzie Malewicki, Student - SZA 

Connor Mann, Student/RA - SZA 

Callie Manthe, Student - SZA

Andrew Mara, English (Minard 318E44)- SZA, TGA

Miriam Mara, English (Minard 318E32) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Samantha Marihart, Student/RA - SZA

Ann Marschke, Memorial Union (MU 246) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Brandon Martin, Student/RA - SZA

Chris Martin, Library Access Services (Library 130B) - SZA, TGA

Tacy Masters, Student - SZA

Joni Massey - SZA, TGA, Upstander 

Kevin Mathews, Student/RA - SZA

Madelyn May, Student/RA - SZA

Kevin McCaul, Science & Mathematics (Stevens 201) - SZA, TGA

Wendy McCrory, Bison Card/Dining Services (MU 176) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Deona McEnery, English (Minard 316J)- SZA, TGA

Christine McGeorge, Human Development & Family Science (SGC 111) - SZA, TGA

Isabelle McKay, Student/RA - SZA

Nolan Meidinger, Student/RA - SZA

Sara Meidinger, NDSU Libraries (Main Library) - SZA, TGA

Maddison Melquist, NDSU Libraries (Main Library) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Katie Michelson, Student - SZA, TGA 

Donald Miller, Pharmacy (Sudro 118) - SZA, TGA

Jamie Miller, Student (NRM) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Lindsey Miller, Student - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Trista Miller, Student - SZA

Krisanne Mogck, Enrollment Management (Ceres 124) - SZA 

Shivani Mohabir, Student - SZA

Laura Mohn, Student – SZA, TGA

Jennifer Momsen, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences (Stevens 233A) - SZA

Jade Monroe, Graduate Student - SZA

Jayma Moore, AES Plan Pathology (NCS Lab 109) - SZA

Laryssa Mortenson, Student - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Justin Motto, Doctoral Candidate & Instructor - SZA

Dustin Mueller, Student - SZA

John Mullen, Student - SZA 

Brett Mulqueeny, Student - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Bryce Murchie, Student/RA - SZA

Kaitlyn Murphy, Student/RA - SZA

Linda Murphy, Bison Connection Manager - SZA

Jacob Murray, Student - SZA


Jennifer Nannenga, Student - SZA

Kaelen Napoleon, TRiO Programs (Ceres 335) - SZA, TGA, Upstander 

David Nelson, Student/RA - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Jessica Nelson, Student - SZA

Jill Nelson, Education (SGC 118C) - SZA, TGA

Kimberly Nelson, Student - SZA

Nancy Nelson, Arts, Humanities & SS (Minard 204) - SZA, TGA

Rebecca C. Nelson, Student - SZA 

Jonathan Nguyen, Student - SZA 

Ali Nila, Graduate Student - SZA, TGA


Frank Oakgrove, Memorial Union/Student Activities Office (MU 120) - SZA

Brady Och, Student/RA - SZA

Amy Ochoa, Student Affairs (Old Main 100) - SZA

Amanda Ockert, Student - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Kailyn Ohm, Student - SZA, TGA 

Victoria Okoye, Student/Violence Prevention Educator - SZA

Amelia Olson, Student - SZA

Kjyrsten Olson, Student - SZA, TGA

Krista Olson, Facilities Management (Thorson Maintenance Center) - SZA

Brady Osksa, Student - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Dereck Ostdahl, Bison Connection (MU 176) - SZA 

Laura Oster-Aaland, Enrollment Management (Ceres 124B) - SZA, TGA

Marinus Otte, Biological Sciences (Stevens 218) - SZA


Kasie Padden, Student/RA - SZT

Michael Paolini, Bison Connection (MU 176) - SZA 

Holly Papinean, Student - SZA

Megan Paradis, Thompson Hall Director - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Ally Patton, Student - SZA

Tyra Payer, Student - SZA, TGA

Jacquelyn Pearson, Student - SZA

Michelle Pearson, Family Therapy Center (SGC 110) - SZA

Will Pearson, Student - SZA, TGA

Alexis Peichel, Student - SZA 

Karen Peirce, Associate Director, Undergraduate Center for Writers - SZA, TGA, Upstander 

Stephanie Pelletier, Graduate Student - SZA

Dan Pemstein, Political Science (CJPP 109) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Stephany Perea, Student - SZA

Tyler Perkins, Residence Life (Stockbridge Hall) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Casey Peterson, Student Success Programs (WDC, Lower Level) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Claudette Peterson, Education (FLC 210K) - SZA, TGA

Larry Peterson, Office of the Provost (Morrill 213B) - SZA

Tim Peterson, Business Administration (Barry 102D) - SZA

Michelle Pierce, Student - SZA

Robert Pieri, Mechanical Engineering (Dolve 206) - SZA

Jered Pigeon, Office of Multicultural Programs (MU 178) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Chad Pitts, Graduate Student - SZA, TGA

Carrie Anne Platt, Communication (Ehly 202) - SZA, TGA

Isaac Pokornowski, Student - SZA 



Sara Raap, Graduate Student - SZA, TGA

Jenna Radtke, Student - SZA

Trista Raezer, Library Archivist (West Building 123) - SZA, TGA

Megan Ramsett, Veterinary & Microbiological Sciences (Van Es 132) - SZA, TGA, Upstander 

Brandy Randall, Human Development & Family Science (EML 283C) - SZA, TGA

Amber Rasche, Graduate Student - SZA, TGA

Christopher Ray, School of Education (FLC 216A) - SZA, TGA

David Rayl, Student - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Wendy L. Reed, Professor & Head Dept. of Biological Sciences - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Daniel Reedstrom, Student - SZA

Tammie Reger, Student Financial Services (Ceres 202) - SZA 

David Reichenberger, Graduate Student- SZA

Matt Reinisch, Student/RA - SZA 

Jazmyne Reinke, Student - SZA

Shane Ringdahl, Graduate Student - SZA

Sierra Robinson, Student - SZA

Chelsee Rohmiller, Hall Director (Pavek) - SZA, TGA

CeCe Rohwedder, Information Technology (IACC 204) - SZA, TGA

Michele Rolewitz, Student Financial Services (Ceres 202) - SZA 

Amy Rupiper Taggart, English (Minard 318E48) - SZA, TGA, Upstander


Cynthia Saar, Teacher - SZA

Michelle Sailor, Hall Director (Niskanen) - SZA, TGA

Monica Sanchez, Admission Counselor - SZA

Kent Sandstrom, Arts, Humanities & SS (Minard 204E) - SZA, TGA

Kayla Sawchak, Student - SZA, TGA

Brandon Saxton, Graduate Student - SZA

Samantha Sayler, Student - SZA 

Barbara Schaan, Account Technician - SZA

Carol Miller Schaefer, Bookstore (Memorial Union) - SZA

Tatjana Schell, Graduate Student - SZA, TGA

Kristin Schleif, Student - SZA 

Jackie Schluchter, Registration & Records (Ceres 110) - SZA, TGA

Sarah Schmidt, Student - SZA

Elizabeth Schoenenbe, Student, DIL - SZA

Katherine Schoenenberger, Student - SZA 

Nicole Schouviller, Student - SZA

Elizabeth Schwartz, Graduate Student - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Sarah Schwarzentraub, Graduate Student - SZA 

Donald Schwert, Geosciences Prof/Dir Ctr Science, (FLC 314E) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Carrie Schweyen, Student - SZA

Maureen Scott, English (Minard 316L) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Angela Seewald-Marquardt, TRIO Programs (Ceres 332) - SZA, TGA

Merideth Sherlin, Admission (Ceres 114) - SZA 

Madeline Sharpe, Student/RA - SZA

Kalene Sharstrom, Graduate Student - SZA, TGA

Sam Silverberg, Student - SZA

Janel Simonson, Counselor, Moorhead Schools - TGA

Breanna Sinner, Hall Director (Seim) - SZA, TGA

Nicholas Skindelien, Student - SZA

Leretta Smith, Sociology/Anthropology (Minard 428C12) - SZA

Maggie Smith, Student - SZA

Mara Smith, Student/RA - SZA

Herbert Snyder, Accounting & Info Systems (Richard H. Barry Hall 200B) - SZA

Alex Sommer, Student – SZA

Teresa Sonsthagen, Animal & Range Sciences (Robinson 102) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Selena Souriya, Student - SZA 

Jill Spacek, Human Resources/Payroll (SGC H102) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Marissa Spear, Student - SZA

Deanne Sperling, Student Affairs (MU 246) - SZA

Gennifer Sprecher, University Police/LGBT Liaison Officer - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Jessica Stadham, Student - SZA

Kelsey Stahl, Graduate Student - SZA

Scott Steele, Graduate Student - SZA

Heather Steinmann, Graduate Student - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Brittany Stevenson, Graduate Student - SZA

Amy Stichman, Criminal Justice (CJ 112) - SZA, TGA

Ian Stonehouse, Student - SZA, TGA 

Janna Stoskopf, Student Life (MU 250) - SZA, TGA

Trish Strom, Nursing (SGC D133) - SZA

Shiloh Susag, Student/RA - SZA

Wlegie Swen, Student - SZA


Hayden Teruya, Residence Assistant - SZA 

Verena Theile, English (Minard 318E36) - SZA 

Laura Thibert, Veterinary & Microbiological Sciences (Van Es 150) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Starr Thies, Plant Sciences (Loftsgard 166) - SZA

Glen Thoemke, Student - SZA, TGA

Laura Thomas, Psychology (Minard 134E) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Tabitha Thomas, Office of the Provost (Putnam Hall LL) - SZA

Elizabeth Thompson, Human Resources/Payroll (SGC H102) - SZA, TGA

Erin Thompson, Student/RA - SZA

Samuel Thorsgaard, Student - SZA

Aschalew Tilleskjor, Student - SZA

Cynthia Timmerman, Accounting (200C Barry Hall) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

McKenzie Timms, Student - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Stacy Tollefson, Admission (Ceres 114) - SZA 

Kristen Tomanek, Institutional Research & Analysis (Morrill 211C) - SZA

Liz Torguson, Memorial Union (MU 144A) - SZA, TGA

Gary Totten, English (Morrill 209B) - SZA, TGA

Kurtis Trautmann, Student/RA - SZA 

Morgan Tuscherer, Student - SZA

Beth Twomey, Library (Library 113) - SZA, TGA, Upstander


Brendan Urke, Student - SZA


Martina Velic, Graduate Student - SZA

Caitlin Van Voorhis, Student - SZA

Jamie Vander Vorste, Student/RA - SZA 

Jeri Vaudrin, TRIO Programs (Ceres 338) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Emily Vieweg, Registration & Records (Ceres 110) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Bethany Vincent, Bison Connection Associate - SZA

Tyler Voigt, Student/RA - SZA

Katerina Voronova, Student/RA - SZA

Melissa Vosen, University Studies (Morrill 112) - SZA


Andrea Wagner, LGBTQ Programs Graduate Assistant (Alba Bales House) - SZA, TGA, Upstander 

Colton Waite, Student - SZA 

Dylan Walker, Residence Assistant - SZA 

Mikaela Walker, Student/RA - SZA

Jaclynn Davis Wallette, Office of Multicultural Programs (MU 178) - SZA

Ashley Walsdorf, Graduate Student - SZA

Angeline Walswick, Allied Sciences (Sudro 118T) - SZA, TGA

Lauren Wander, Student - SZA

Prajakta Warang, Resident Assistant- SZA

Alison Ward, Animal Sciences (Hultz 183) - SZA, TGA

Mathew Warsocki, Student - SZA

Zebulon Watkins, Admission (Ceres 114) - SZA 

Christina Weber, Sociology/Anthropology (Minard 428D4) - SZA

Megan Wehse, Graduate Student - SZA 

Emerald Weisz, Student - SZA

Tansy Wells, MPH Graduate Student - SZA, TGA, Upstander 

Christopher Whitsel, Sociology & Anthropology (Minard 428C16) - SZA, TGA

Debby Wichmann, Registration & Records (Ceres 110) - SZA

Jesse Wiesenborn, Student - SZA 

Emily Wicktor, English Assistant Professor (Minard 318E38) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Shelby Wilhelm, Student - SZA

Lance Willet, Student - SZA 

Shaina Winning, Graduate Student - SZA, TGA, Upstander 

Andrew Winterfeldt, Student - SZA

Stefan Wolf, Student/RA - SZA

Scott Wood, Science and Math (Stevens 201) - SZA

Rebecca Woods, Human Development & Family Science (EML 283A) - SZA, TGA

Kendra Woodstead, Student - SZA 

Elizabeth Worth, Graduate School (Putnam 106) - SZA, TGA, Upstander

Dena Wyum, Human Development & Family Science (EML 277D) - SZA, TGA



Shiting Xu, Student - SZA 


Stephen Yeung, Student - SZA, TGA

Kelsey Young, Student - SZA 


Doug Zeltinger, Admission (Ceres 118D) - SZA

Brenna Ziebol, Student - SZA 

Katie Zueger, Student - SZA

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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