About the College

The College of Science and Mathematics
 prepares NDSU graduates to be part of it all – working in this country and abroad in a wide spectrum of science and mathematics fields. Our graduates today serve in diversity of fields:  top executives in chemical and biotechnology companies, physicists for NASA, physicians and health specialists, and exploration geologists at sites across the Americas. 

Of the nearly 14,000 students attending NDSU, 1099 undergraduate and 212 graduate students are enrolled in the College of Science and Mathematics.  Placement rates for all of our majors are good; our science and mathematics K-12 teachers are in especially high demand and enjoy, by far, the best opportunities in the teaching profession.

NDSU has always been strong in the basic and applied sciences, and today the College of Science and Mathematics is involved in all phases of study and research. All tenure-track faculty have doctoral degrees, and they are widely recognized on a national and international level for their professional status and their contributions to the new body of scientific and mathematic knowledge. Many of our undergraduate students participate in the research of our faculty, and they graduate from NDSU equipped with not only excellent classroom, laboratory, and field training but with sound research experience.

Quick Facts

  • 8 departments
  • 15 different undergraduate majors
  • Ph.D. programs through every department
  • 1099 Undergraduates (Fall 2019)
  • 212 Graduate Students (Fall 2019)
  • $8,000,000+ new grant dollars in 2018
  • 120 full-time equivalent faculty members
  • Total budget (appropriated): $12,500,000
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