Business Coordinators

Payroll for benefitted and grad positions, monitor and balance funds (grant, local, appropriated, foundation), assist chair with projections of spending for department, approve expenditures (invoices, reimbursements, time slips, p-card), contact for policy/procedure for department(s)

Jacalyn Benson

Biological Sciences and Geosciences

Minard 232B1

Dawn Halle

Mathematics, Psychology, Statistics

Minard 232B10
(701) 231-5763

Breanna Larson

CPM and Physics

Minard 232A4
(701) 231-5323

Rebecca Sandell

Chemistry and Biochemistry
Post award grant support (all departments)

Minard 406F
(701) 231-5282

Account Technicians

Invoices and vendor relations, p-card administration, time slip payroll (student and non-student temporary employment), reimbursements

Connie Forbord

Chemistry, Biochemistry, Statistics

Minard 202C

Deb McDonough

CPM, Mathematics, Physics


Kris Boll

Biological Sciences, Geosciences, Psychology

Minard 232A6

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