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Theoretical and experimental studies of the thermodynamics, kinetics and molecular mechanisms of aqueous processes and water-rock interactions, especially at elevated temperatures and pressures. Particular emphasis on metals and their speciation and transport. Solubility, calorimetric, spectroscopic, electrochemical, phase equilibrium and other experimental studies. Field-based studies of ore deposits, geothermal systems and the environment. Equilibrium and reaction-path modeling of geochemical processes. Applications to ore deposits, hydrometallurgy, exploration geochemistry, environmental geochemistry, radioactive waste disposal and medical geology. Particular interest in rare earth (REE) and platinum group elements (PGE).

Recent Publications (*former student; #former post-doc)


Armstrong*, C.R. and Wood, S.A. (2012) Effect of fulvic acid on neodymium uptake by goethite: Jour. Colloid and Interfacial Sci. (DOI: 10.1016/j.jcis.2012.07.060).

Taunton*, A.E., Gunter, M.E., Druschel, G.K., and Wood, S.A. (2010) Geochemistry in the lung: Reaction-path modeling and experimental examination of rock-forming minerals under physiologic conditions: Amer. Mineral. 95, 1624-1635.

Kruszewski*, J.M. and Wood, S.A. (2009) Experimental measurement of the solubility of bismuth phases in water vapor from 220 ºC to 300 ºC: Implications for ore formation. Appl. Geochem. 24, 493-503.

Parker, S.R., Gammons, C.H., Pedrozo, F.L., and Wood, S.A. (2008) Diel changes in metal concentrations in a geogenically acidic river: Rio Agrio, Argentina. Jour. Volcanol. Geotherm. Res. 178, 213-223 (doi: 0.1016/j.jvolgeores.2008.06.029).

Migdisov, Art.A., Williams-Jones, A.E., Normand#, C., and Wood, S.A. (2008) A spectrophotometric study of samarium (III) speciation in chloride solutions at elevated temperatures. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 72, 1611-1625.

Connon, S., Koski*, A., Neal, A., Wood, S., and Magnuson, T. (2008) Ecophysiology and geochemistry of microbial arsenic oxidation within a high arsenic, circumneutral hot spring system of the Alvord Desert. FEMS Microbiol. Ecol. 64, 117-128.

Wood, S.A. and Norman#, C. (2008) Mobility of palladium chloride complexes in mafic rocks: insights from a flow-through experiment at 25 °C using air-saturated, acidic, and Cl-rich solutions. Mineral. Petrol. 92, 81-97 (Published electronically on July 13, 2007; DOI 10.1007/s00710-007-0193-5).

Redkin#, A.F. and Wood, S.A. (2007) Uranium(VI) in aqueous solutions at 25°C and a pressure of 1 bar: Insight from experiments and calculations. Geochem. Int. 45, 1111-1123.

Wood, S.A., Taunton*, A.E., Normand#, C., and Gunter, M.E. (2006) Fluid-mineral interaction in the lungs: Insights from reaction-path modeling. Inhal. Toxicol. 18, 975-984.

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Gammons, C.H., Wood, S.A., Pedrozo, F., Varekamp, J.C., Nelson, B.J., Shope, C.L., and Baffico, G. (2005) Hydrogeochemistry and rare earth element behavior in a volcanically acidified watershed in Patagonia, Argentina. Chem. Geol. 222, 249-267.

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Samson, I.M., Wood, S.A., and Finucane*, K.G. (2004) Fluid inclusion characteristics and genesis of the fluorite-parisite mineralization in the Snowbird Deposit, Montana. Econ. Geol. 99, 1727-1744.

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Nicholson#, K.N. and Wood, S.A. (2002) Aqueous geochemistry of rare earth elements and yttrium. XII: Potentiometric stability constant determination of Bis-Tris complexes with La, Nd, Eu, Gd, Yb, Dy, Er, Lu, and Y. Jour. Sol. Chem. 31, 703-717.

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Nicholson#, K.N., Twamley, B. and Wood, S.A. (2001) [Bis(2-hydroxyethyl)amino]-tris(hydroxymethyl)methane (Bis–Tris), an important complexing agent. Acta Cryst. E57, o1133-o1135.

Palmer, D.A., Bénézeth, P., Wesolowski, D.J., Wood, S.A., and Xiao, C. (2000) The solubility of metal oxides and hydroxides at high temperatures: Results and implications of recent ORNL measurements. Power Plant Chem. 2, 517-521.

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Gammons, C.H. and Wood, S.A. (2000) The aqueous geochemistry of REE: Part 8. Solubility of ytterbium oxalate and the stability of Yb(III)-oxalate complexes in water at 25°C to 80°C. Chemical Geology 166,103-124.

Xiong*, Y. and Wood, S.A. (2000) Experimental quantification of hydrothermal solubility of platinum-group elements with special reference to porphyry copper environments. Mineralogy and Petrology 68, 1-28.

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Kulik, D.A., Aja#, S.U., Sinitsyn, V.A., and Wood, S.A. (2000) Acid/base surface chemistry and sorption of some lanthanides on K+ - saturated Marblehead illite: II. A multisite-surface complexation modeling. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 64, 195-213.

Sinitsyn, V.A., Aja#, S.U., Kulik, D.A., and Wood, S.A. (2000) Acid/base surface chemistry and sorption of some lanthanides on K+ - saturated Marblehead illite: I. Results of an experimental investigation. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 64, 185-194.

Baker#, L.L., Agenbroad*, D.J. and Wood, S.A. (2000) Experimental hydrothermal alteration of a martian analog basalt: Implications for martian meteorites.  Meteoritics & Planetary Science 35, 31-38.


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