High-Impact Practices

Faculty and staff in the College of Science and Mathematics are dedicated to the academic success of every student. We are on the cutting edge in the use of new technologies and approaches to teaching that improve student engagement and learning.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

NDSU always has been strong in basic and applied sciences, and the College of Science and Mathematics is involved in all phases of study and research. 

Many of our undergraduates participate in faculty research. Students are encouraged to select research that interests them through the Research Opportunities for Engaging Students, or ROPES, program.

Our students graduate equipped with excellent classroom, laboratory and field training, as well as sound research experience. 

Math Emporium

The Math Emporium is a hybrid course that connects lecture, technology, and just-in-time tutoring to enhance student success in College Algebra and Trigonometry.

Learning Assistants

The Learning Assistants program partners talented undergraduates with faculty teaching large-enrollment courses to create learner-centered classrooms that are conceptually driven, cognitively challenging, and authentic to the discipline.

Science Cafe

Science Cafes invite the general public to discuss science-related subjects with an expert. They typically take place in a pub or coffeehouse, where a relaxed and informal atmosphere sets the stage for an interesting presentation by a specialist and inspires a dialogue and the exchange of ideas. The Science Cafe of the College of Science and Mathematics at North Dakota State University was established in 2008.

Upcoming and previous events are announced at: http://earth.physics.ndsu.nodak.edu/ 

Past presentations have covered a broad range of subjects with titles ranging from "Collapse: How honeybees are dying and what we can do about it" to "Why do things have mass? Discovery of the Higgs Boson".

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