Learning Assistants

The Learning Assistants program partners talented undergraduates with faculty teaching large-enrollment courses to create learner-centered classrooms that are conceptually driven, cognitively challenging, and authentic to the discipline. LAs’ primary responsibilities include working with small teams of students, either within a large-lecture meeting, in recitation, and/or in office hours.

Benefits for LAs 

  • Develop content mastery and science identities 
  • Cultivate interpersonal and communication skills
  • Learn about the evidence-based learning practices and how to implement them into classroom environments 

Benefits of LA-supported Classrooms

  • Students experience better learning outcomes 
  • Students experience greater satisfaction with course experience
  • LA model contributes to changes in pedagogical practices of faculty and supports institutional transformation
  • Increased in-class attention to students

Essential Elements of the LA Experience 

  • Student-LA interactions: facilitate small group learning and provide feedback to students
  • Weekly LA-instructor meetings: meet with faculty mentor (course instructor) to review previous class sessions and plan for upcoming sessions
  • Science of Learning seminar: learn how undergraduates learn, practice communication, and interaction skills, and explore evidence-based instructional practices

What do LAs do? 

LAs work approximately 7.5 hours per week during an academic semester and can earn up to $1200. LA responsibilities include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Attend class sessions (2-4 hours, depending on course), which may include:
    • Facilitating student discussion and other small group learning activities
    • Assisting instructor with administrative tasks
    • Providing feedback to students and instructor
    • Developing course activities and/or demonstrations
  • Participate in weekly LA-instructor meetings with faculty mentor (1 hour)
  • Meet with students outside of class in office hours and/or during help/review sessions (2 hours)
  • Provide feedback on student work or score assignments/exams (1-2 hours)
  • Prepare for course as assigned by faculty mentor or review course content (1-2 hours)
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