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Research Opportunities for Engaging Students (ROPES)


NDSU's student-focused mission drives faculty to involve students in world-class research and immersive learning environments. If you are interested in learning the "ropes" of research for credit or as a part-time job, please contact one of the faculty members listed below.

"Research has always felt like an essential part of my education at NDSU. Being involved in research gave me the opportunity to explore different areas of study and figure out what I was most interested in doing after college."  Stephanie Leach, senior in psychology.

"My research experience has allowed me to contribute to the world. Research has opened many doors for me into the scientific community. It's allowed me to part of the never ending and always expanding research world."  Zachary Bergseth, graduate student in coatings and polymeric materials.

NDSU faculty members research a wealth of topics sure to touch on your own interests, and they are always looking to include students in the process. Students gain valuable experience and a front-row seat for the latest discoveries in their fields.


Biological Sciences
ProfessorStudentsMajor or course workResearch Area

Credit, pay and/or BS/MS

Laura Aldrich-Wolfe2AnyPlant-fungal interactionsCredit to start
Kimberly Booth1-2Completed Biol 150 and Biol 151Teaching and learning of non-majors biology coursesCredit
Julia Bowsher1-2Biol 151Evolution and development of insectsCredit to start
Malcolm Butler2-3AnyAquatic insect ecology

Credit to start

Ned Dochtermann3-4Majoring in biology, zoology, or psychologyBehavioral and evolutionary ecologyCredit
Erin Gillam2-3No major coursework requirementEcology and behavior of batsCredit
Kendra Greenlee1-2Majoring in biology or zoologyInsect physiologyCredit
Tim Greives1-2Majoring in biology, zoology or psychologySeasonal regulation of physiology behaviorCredit
Jill Hamilton1-2Majoring in biology or botanyPlant evolutionary and ecological geneticsCredit to start
Britt Heidinger1-2Majoring in biology or zoologyPhysiological ecologyCredit
Angela Hodgson1-2Sophomore with general biologyUndergraduate biology education/lab classesCredit
Jennifer Momsen1-2Completed BIOL 150 and 151Teaching and learning of undergraduate biologyCredit to start
Lisa Montplaisir1-2Completed BIOL 150 and 151Teaching and learning of undergraduate biologyCredit to start
Katie Reindl1Sophomore or juniorTherapeutic strategies for cancer treatmentCredit
Matthew Smith2Majoring in biology or zoologyReptile collectionCredit to start
Craig Stockwell1-4Biology, zoology, botany or natural resources managementConservation ecology and genetics of fishes and amphibiansIndependent study credit available
Jon Sweetman1-2Ecology fieldsFreshwater ecologyCredit to start
Chemistry and Biochemistry
ProfessorStudentsMajor or course workResearch areaCredit or pay
Uwe Burghaus1Chemistry/physics all levelsSurface science, nanoscience and materialsCredit to start
Christopher Colbert1GPA 3.0+Structure biology of membrane and iron binding proteinsCredit to start
Greg Cook2Organic chemistry 1 and 2Synthetic organic chem/new reactions and medicinal chemistry for cancerCredit
Stuart Haring3-4Biology/zoology or biochemistry major, freshman-juniorMolecular and cellular biology, mutation and disease preventionCredit to start, pay for summer
John Hershberger1-2Chemistry major at any state of undergraduate careerHigh resolution laser studies of gas phase kineticsCredit
Dmitri Kilin3-4Computational Chemistry Chem 467Dynamics of charge transfer, photoexcitations, photovoltaicsCredit to start, pay next semester
Svetlana Kilina1-2Chemistry/physicsComputational chemistry of nanostructuresCredit to start, pay next semester or summer
Alex Parent1-2Chemistry majorsGreen chemistry and photocatalysisCredit
Seth Rasmussen1-2Chem 150Organic semi-conducting materials and plastic electronicsCredit to start
Kenton Rodgers1-2Chemistry/biochemistryMetallobiochemistry, biophysics, inorganic chemistry laser spectroscopyCredit to start
Mukund Sibi1-2Organic chemistry 1 and 2Green chemistry, sustainable materials and medicinal chemistryEither
Sangita Sinha2Biochemistry/biology, freshman-junior, GPA 3+Structure biology of proteins essential to human healthCredit to start
Pinjing Zhao1Organic chemistry 1 and 2Organotransition metal catalysts for organic synthesisCredit to start
Coatings and Polymeric Materials
ProfessorStudentsMajor or course workResearch areaCredit or pay
Stuart Croll1Physics/chemistry/computer scienceEnvironmental degradation of polymeric coatingsCredit
Mohi Quadir1-2Chemistry/biochemistryBiomaterials, nanomedicine, polymer synthesisCredit to start
Bakhtiyor Rasulev1-2Chemistry/biochemistry/physics/statistics/computer scienceCheminformatics, computational polymer chemistry, computational toxicology, materials/nanomaterials informaticsEither
Andriy Voronov1-2Organic chemistryPolymer synthesis for biomedical applicationsEither
Dean Webster1-2Major in chemistry/engineering/minor CPMSynthesis and characterization of polymersEither
Computer Science
ProfessorStudentsMajor or course workResearch areaCredit or pay
Anne Denton4Computer science/CSci 161Data mining, big data, cloud computing, geospatial dataEither
Jun Kong1-2Computer scienceDesign iPhone and Android appsCredit
Juan Li2-3Computer science/sophomore+Internet of thingsCredit
Simone Ludwig2Sophomore+Image processing and object trackingEither
Saeed Salem2Sophomore+, data mining fall semesterBioinformatics, data mining, social networks analysisCredit
Brian Slator1-2Computer science sophomore+Educational media, serious gamesEither
Jeremy Straub4-5Computer science/electrical engineering/computer engineering/mechanical engineering/physics/potentially other project-relevant majors, freshmen to seniorsRobotics, autonomy, spacecraft, self-driving cars, 3D printingEither
ProfessorStudentsMajor or course workResearch areaCredit or pay
Bernie Saini-Eidukat2Mineralogy/chemistryGeochemical and mineralogical analysis of natural materialsEither
Lydia Tackett1-2Two college science classes in geology or biology (at least one with a lab)Major biological and environmental transitions in deep timeCredit
ProfessorStudentsMajor or course workResearch areaCredit or pay
Maria Alfonseca-Cubero1-2Math major, Math 270, Mathematica experienceUsing Mathematica to study convex bodiesCredit
Dogan Comez2-3Math, science, physics majors and Math 266, 270Fractals and their dynamics/codingCredit
Friedrich Littmann1-2Math 450 or 481Fourier analysis and signal processingCredit
Artem Novozhilov1-2Math, science, physics or engineering majors in Math 266 or 270Mathematics of biological evolutionCredit
Indranil SenGupta1-2Math/physics/electrical engineering and computer engineering/computer science; Mathematica experienceMathematical financeCredit
Jessica Striker1-3Math/computer science/statistics major or minor; coding experience preferredComputational combinatoricsCredit
Abraham Unger2Sophomore+Hyberbolic geometryCredit
ProfessorStudentsMajor or course workResearch areaCredit or pay
Yonki Choi1-4Physics/chemistry/electrical engineering/biologySingle molecule biophysics/bioelectronicsEither
Warren Christensen2Junior or senior physics majorsInvestigating studentsBoth
Andrew Croll1-4Physics/chemistry/mechanical engineering/biologyPolymer science and engineeringEither
Alan Denton2Physics/chemistry/engineeringTheoretical and computational modeling of soft materialsCredit
Mila Kryjevskaia1-2Intro to physics classesPhysics education researchEither
Andrei Kryjevski1Phys 486Simulation of electronic properties of nanostructuresEither
Sylvio May1Physics/chemistry/pharmaceutical scienceTheoretical biophysics/physical chemistryCredit
Alexander Wagner4Background Linux/C programming/computational physicsSimulations of fluctuating multicomponent multiphase fluidsCredit
ProfessorStudentsMajor or course workResearch areaCredit or pay
Benjamin Balas2-3Psychology/sophomore+Face recognition and electroencephalographyEither
Erin Conwell3-4PsychologyLanguage development and processing in children and adultsCredit
Clayton Hilmert4-6Sophomore +/GPA 3.0+Stress and healthCredit
Verlin Hinsz2-3Psychology or management majorOrganizational/social/industrial psychology; workgroup motivationCredit
Leah Irish5-6Psychology/health sciencesSleep, lifestyle and health outcomesCredit
Jeffrey Johnson4-5Psychology/neuroscienceCognitive neuroscience of memory and attentionCredit
Mark McCourt1-2Junior/seniorVisual and cognitive neuroscienceEither
Mark Nawrot2-3Neuroscience/sophomore+3D, depth perception, eye movements, night visionCredit
Michael Robinson6-7Psychology/sophomore+Personality/emotionCredit
Paul Rokke2-3Psychology/sophomore+Emotions/thought processCredit
Laura Thomas2-4PsychologyAction and cognitionCredit to start

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