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ANNOUNCEment Listserv

The purpose of the ANNOUNCEment Listserv is to inform students of upcoming events and information pertinent to student life.
Listserv email:
Listservs will be sent out Monday-Thursday.
All emails should be sent to the listserv email prior to 11.59pm the day before the message is to be sent out.

How emails should be constuct

  • Subject line should contain:

    • Event name and/or brief description.
    • Name of the hosting organization

  • Body of email should contain:

    • General description of the event
    • Date, time, and location of the event
    • Contact information for the organization and/or the event host
    • The host's relation to the organization

  • Attachments to an email are not allowed to be sent through the listserv.

    • If you have graphics they need to be pasted into the body of the email and will be sent providing it does not exceed the maximum MB for sending.


Tier II and Tier III Organizations may send on message per week and will be limited by their CSO ratio

  • CSO rating of 5=5 messages per semester
  • CSO rating of 4=4 messages per semester
  • CSO rating of 3=3 messages per semester
  • CSO rating 2,1,0=1 message per semester for recruitment purposes only
  • Temporary Organizations are limited to 1 message a semester for recruitment purposes only

If you wish to take your name off the listserv

  • Subject line: Request to be removed

Please contact Alana Kiel ( with questions.

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